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Best Holiday Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones in 2020

By Dillon Wallace

It’s that time of the year again – a time of endless internet shopping for the best post-Turkey Day deals and last-minute gift-giving efforts for all those committed procrastinators. 

However, this year, the holidays look a lot different with the lingering effects of a global pandemic to navigate around, making it difficult to even see friends and family.
So, in an increasingly bizarre year, what are some of the best gifts to give your loved ones in 2020… even if you can’t actually be there to give it to them?


Local Flavor

If you’ve got eyes and ears, then you know 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially local businesses – retailers, restaurants, bars, barbershops, movie theaters … you name it, are all suffering. It’s not easy to make money when you can’t stay open or when you’re regulated to a certain capacity of patrons. And that makes giving local one of the best gifts to give this holiday season. If it truly is the thought that counts, then you’d be hard pressed to find a thought that counts more than shopping and giving local.


Robot Vacuums

Smart vacuums have been around for a while now, but up until the last couple years they’ve never been so affordable. Whether it’s a Roomba or Eufy or whatever out of the seemingly endless amount of models and brands, robot vacuums are quieter, smarter, sleeker and more affordable than ever before. Sure, in a year where most of us are holed up at home, we probably have more time to physically vacuum, but that doesn’t mean we actually want to do it. Instead, work smarter not harder.


Puppies & Kittens

If you or anyone you love has ever walked the fence about getting a dog or a cat, this year – this holiday – is the perfect time to do so. Why? Because now you’ve got no excuse for not having enough time to properly spend with them – potty training, disciplining and playing. Most of us are still working from home, running out of hobbies to try or shows to binge watch. So, take that extra free time and put it toward a noble gift … one that will give you ample entertainment and all the cuddles.


After all, the pandemic didn’t reduce the number of pets available for adoption. And if you can’t be with your family over the holidays, why not just add to it?


Home Gym Gear

Miss going to the gym? Has 2020 given new meaning to the 19 in COVID-19? You’re not alone. This year has been a whirlwind of self-care, trying to be safe throughout the highs and lows of the pandemic. But caring for ourselves doesn’t just mean social distancing or wearing a mask when we go out in public. It should involve caring for our mental and physical well-being, too. And with many gyms closed or limited in functionality, it’s up to us to stay motivated and live healthy. That’s why home gym equipment has never been more important than now. Whether it’s a whole squat rack and barbell for the avid trainer or just a yoga mat and a couple of dumbbells for the casual exerciser, gym gear is a great gift that shows you care.


Video Games

With the November releases of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, gamers and non-gamers are in for a treat this holiday season … that is if they can actually land one of these coveted machines. Much like the Nintendo Switch saw price gouging and limited supplies back when the pandemic first hit in early March (despite the system being over two years old at the time), these brand spanking new, next-generation systems are seeing a similar supply and demand trajectory – reflected in eBay prices reaching upwards of $1,500! However, if you’re cunning or lucky enough to get your hands on one of these new gaming systems, you and your family will have an ample supply of games and entertainment to get you through another lockdown, should one happen.


Magic of Memory

If you can’t be there in person for the holidays, then be there in memory. The gift of digitally preserved analog memories is not only thoughtful, it’s never been more pertinent than this year. If you’ve got a box full of old photos, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, film reels or the like simply laying around the house collecting dust, then you’re sitting on a memory goldmine just waiting to be shared with loved ones. Get them digitized and then give them however you see fit – email, thumb drive, cloud download, social media post … you name it. This holiday season, the past makes the perfect present ;)


So, what do you think? What are your thoughts around the best holiday gifts to give your loved ones in 2020?

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