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Best Spring Break Locations for 2019!

By Dillon Wallace

The first thought that crosses most people’s minds when they hear those precious words, “spring break” is typically the beach. And that thought wouldn’t be wrong. The beach is the perfect post-winter/pre-summer escape destination to catch some color and warm the soul. So, if you’re thinking beach, make sure you check out this list of 2019’s top spring break locations.


1) Puerto Vallarta

What’s better than all-inclusive packages, plenty of beachfront accommodations and a variety of fun beach activities? The answer: all of that, at an affordable rate. Puerto Vallarta isn’t only one of the top spring break activity destinations, it’s also one of the cheapest beach getaways available.


2) Cabo San Lucas

If you’re looking for an alternative beach getaway that’s as fun as it is easy on the wallet, try the west coast shores of Cabo San Lucas. With a variety of rental options, all-inclusive packages, free beaches and lively city streets, you’re bound to find something to love. Oh, and don’t forget about the tacos. All the yums.


3) Iceland

What? Did you think every beach was going to be all sunshine and swimsuits? Iceland is an amazing spring break getaway because it’s almost as close to another planet as there is on earth. With beautiful black sand beaches, breathtaking ice caves, stunning natural waterfalls and a strong chance to see the northern lights firsthand, Iceland has it all and more – much more.


4) Bahamas

Some spring break destinations never change. A trip to the Bahamas, whether by plane or by an island-hopping cruise ship, is a worthy way to spend your spring break. With picturesque beaches galore, fun shore and ocean activities and even more to look forward to, there’s no wonder people have been spring breaking here for decades.


5) New Orleans, Louisiana

Hey, not every spring break destination beckons for a beach. And when it comes to visiting New Orleans, you’ll be knee deep in so many other activities to choose from that you won’t even think about the beach. Choose from amazing nightlife on Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, delectable southern comfort food, amazing live music and a lively culture that’s beyond contagious.


6) Tulum, Mexico

If you’re looking for the college spring break, Cancun is probably more your speed. But, if you’re looking for a more laid-back alternative for the whole family, Tulum is your answer. This ancient Mayan city offers amazing sights like underwater caves, sinkholes, ancient cities and temples and much more that will leave you considering the beach as a secondary activity. With so much to explore, Tulum is quickly becoming a spring break destination hot spot.


7) Vail, Colorado or Park City, Utah

The heat isn’t for everyone, and if you’re willing to trade those white sand beaches for white snowy mountains, then Vail, CO and Park City, UT are two of the country’s top ski resorts. With a variety of bowls and runs to pursue, they’re the perfect destination for beginners and veterans alike. Oh yeah, and mountains … like something out of a Bob Ross painting. Happy trees = happy spring break.


8) Costa Rica

This central American country is no stranger to adventure and eco-friendly tourism. Offering the best of both worlds – rainforests and beaches – Costa Rica provides white water rafting, some of the world’s best zip-lining, amazing nocturnal nature tours, hospitable guides and more. The hardest part won’t be deciding to go, but how to split your time once you’re there.


If one thing is certain about your upcoming spring break getaway, it’s that it’s probably warmer, beachier, and overall, more adventure primed than where you currently are. So, get to planning and start the countdown because that week of spring bliss will be here sooner than you think! 


As your making new memories be sure you don’t forget to capture them. They’re likely on digital media, but don’t forget about those old home movies and pictures from past vacations. Send them in to get them digitized!

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