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KODAK vs. Fotobridge

By Katy Sommerfield

You’ve made the decision to begin digitizing your print photos, tapes, and film. Congratulations! You are moving into the digital age. Digitizing your media is a great way to preserve memories from over the years in a format that is easily accessible, shareable, and that does not take up any space in your home.

After deciding to digitize, you’ll need to choose which digitization service to use. There are many services available these days, but they are not all of equal quality. In this article, we will compare two well-liked brands: Kodak Digitizing and Fotobridge. Both brands have many great qualities, but some major differences that will help you in choosing between the two.

Let’s start with company backgrounds.

Kodak Digitizing

Kodak Digitizing has its headquarters in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. In there 52,000 square foot facility, they digitize thousands of original media daily. The Kodak brand has been around since 1888, and has been one of the most trusted brands for photo and film development for over 100 years. Now, with Kodak Digitizing, the brand is continuing its path started by mail-in development with mail-in digitization services. When you choose Kodak as your preferred digitization service, they will send you a specialized crush-proof box to store your materials in safely as they travel through the postal system back to the facility in Chattanooga. Then, they will carefully hand-digitize all your originals, and send the finished products back to you in 5-6 weeks. Shipping is paid for by the company, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs whatsoever.


Fotobridge is headquartered in West Berlin, NJ, where they specialize in digitizing large quantities of the same media formats. They make it easy to convert lots of the same media format fast, but if you have varying types of media that needs digitizing, it gets a little complicated. With Fotobridge, you have to ship your own materials to them, so this creates an added cost to the costs of the packages.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s dig into the details about each service and see which one is best for you.



Kodak Digitizing


Only one company handles your film, cassettes, videos?



Shipping provided?

Yes – Every Southtree order comes with a crush-proof box and pre-paid shipping. No fees!


No packing materials are included in your order.

Return shipping is provided.


Film formats accepted


8mm, Super 8, 16mm


8mm, Super 8, 16mm


Tape formats accepted


VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, Digital 8, Mini DV, Betamax, Micro MV, PAL-NTSC


VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Video8, Digital8, Hi8, MiniDV


Photo formats accepted


Print photos, 35mm slides


Print, slides, and negatives


Audio formats accepted


Audio cassettes, cassette tape, compact cassette, reel-to-reel



Convenient packages to choose from?

Yes – choose from packages to digitize 3 to 40 pieces of media. For photos packages, choose between 3 to 40 sets of 25 photos. Simple and easy.


Specializing in large quantities, packages range from converting

·      5-100 tapes

·      250-10,000 feet of film

·      250-1,000 photos, slides and negatives


Step-by-step tracking





Package starting prices

Package prices starting at $69.99 – Up to 3 tapes, 3 films, 3 audio cassettes, or 3 sets of 25 pictures.


Package starting prices differ by media format.

  • $54.95 for up to 250 photos
  • $109.95 for up to 250 slides and negatives
  • $9.95 for up to 5 special format negatives
  • $129.95 for up to 5 tapes
  • $69.95 for 250 feet of film
  • Audio: Digitization not available

What’s included?


·      Welcome guide with instructions

·      Crush proof box

·      Barcodes for each item

·      Pre-paid return shipping label

·      Digitization by hand

·      DVDs and/or thumb drive and/or digital download option

·      DVDs and/or thumb drive and/or hard drive option

·      Pre-paid return shipping


Turn-around time


5-6 weeks


Around 2 weeks


Thumb-drive option





Customer service availability

Access to personal KODAK concierge so you can talk to an expert at any time. By phone and email.


Contact the Fotobridge team through phone or through the Fotobridge chat service



Overall, both brands are excellent and offer many perks, such as great customer service, step-by-step tracking, and the assurance that your materials are only handled by one company with no middlemen involved.

However, when it comes to convenience and reliability, Kodak Digitizing has the upper hand. With shipping containers provided and pre-paid labels, sending in your materials and receiving them once they are digitized is easy and accounted for. The package choices are simple to choose between and all media formats are supported, including audio. Fotobridge, on the other hand, does not offer shipping, and they do not digitize audio formats whatsoever.

One of the greatest things about Kodak Digitizing is that the Kodak brand has been trusted by consumers for over 100 years. You can rely on Kodak to have the best equipment, staff, and expertise when it comes to dealing with your original media.

When you’re ready to send in your originals for digitization, get on the phone with a Kodak Digitizing representative or visit the website at www.kodakdigitizing.com to learn more. 

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