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Last Minute Getaway Before Summer Ends

By Mollee Shannon

With a fresh school year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to zip off for a weekend getaway! Enjoying a quick and relaxing weekend away will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the new school year.


West Coast Whimsy

Portland, Oregon has become well known for its rich culture, fabulous food trucks, and quirky citizenry. It’s exactly the whimsy you’ll be looking for just before school starts. Portland is home to Washington Park, a 410-acre green space with 15 miles of hiking and walking trails.  You’ll enjoy that great northwest wind in your hair, as you meander through the park’s Japanese gardens and arboretum. There’s even a children’s museum in the park to reawaken those sleepy summer minds before the kids go off to their first day of school. Portland also hosts the Oregon Zoo, which is most famous for its African Elephants! You’ll have the opportunity to see over 200 species, 21 of which are endangered. There will be no shortage of amusement as you observe the peculiar habits of some of the world’s most interesting animal life. If you prefer an indoor activity, you’ll love the Portland Art Museum, especially if you’re a history buff! The museum offers 42,000 pieces, including collections from native peoples and a showcase of English silver. Portland offers the relaxation and mind-engaging adventure that is just perfect for a last minute getaway!



East Coast Ease 

You won’t want to miss the refreshing waters and winds of Long Beach, New York! Whether you prefer an upscale dining experience, or a quaint little seafood shack, there is no shortage of delectable beachfront fare for any palate! The beach front is unique in that it offers 2 miles of boardwalk complete with shops and sights. If sand isn’t your favorite, you’ll enjoy the sand free stroll in close proximity to the wistful sound of crashing waves! Long Beach is also home to a number of wineries! You can peacefully tour the vineyards and attend a tasting to learn about the best foods to pair with your wines. If you’re a science buff, you’ll enjoy the detailed information on the fermentation processes, and you can even purchase some “souvenirs” to continue enjoying your tour, even after you have returned home. If your idea of vacation includes shopping, Long Beach is the place for you with a large selection of eclectic shops and galleries! There’s certainly an activity for everyone in the family in this great location, and don’t forget, the bustle of New York City awaits just 40 minutes away by train!



Midwestern Meanderings

People are often surprised to learn of the many attractions hosted in the Midwest! Branson, Missouri is an excellent and family-friendly choice for a last minute weekend getaway! Nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, there are a number of indoor and outdoor activities to suit everyone in your group! The Titanic Museum is a great educational opportunity. See replicas of the stately first class rooms and duck through the lower decks that hosted the third class passengers. You’ll even see artifacts from actual passengers who sailed the fateful voyage. The museum hosts a separate children’s tour for the younger patrons in your group! Branson also offers outdoor activities, like zip line tours. Designed for the adventurous spirit and very well worth the ride, these tours take you through lush canopies of the Ozark Mountains, and you’ll be fascinated by your bird’s eye view of this beautiful scenery! If you’d like a mixture of indoor and outdoor activity, a lake tour is the perfect venture for you! Book a ticket on a riverboat tour of the beautiful Table Rock Lake. Tickets include a fine dining experience and a 2-hour tour of the lake! You can choose between a modern cruiser or a showboat designed to model similar vessels of the 1800’s! Branson offers the right balance of engagement and relaxation to prepare each member of the family for the coming of the new school year!



Reminisce and Recollect

Adventures have that charming way of bringing us together and allowing us to step back and appreciate one another! Weekend getaways will have you reminiscing about your favorite family trips. Upon returning home, you might find yourself wanting to dig into those old favorite photographs. Don’t hesitate to digitize those old photos, so they can stand side-by-side with all the new digital photos you took on your weekend getaway and your future adventures! Digitizing your photo collection is the best way to be sure your memories are preserved in pixels as vividly as the day you lived them. 

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