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What is the Best DPI to Scan 35mm Negatives?

By Elaine Elliott

How the heck do you transfer a tiny red and black photo negative into a colorful, digitized photo?

 For many years, a dedicated film scanner was the best way to scan 35mm negatives.
But these scanners can cost around $1,000. Flat bed scanners have been improving over the years and many DIY users claim the scanning quality is good enough to transfer 35mm negatives. These scanners typically cost around $200.


Most scanners come with their own software, but oftentimes using third party software can enhance your scanning capabilities. Between the scanner and software, all of these costs can rack up and cause scanning negatives from home to be quite expensive.


Instead of buying the scanning technology, consider having KODAK Digitizing digitize 35mm negatives for you. We can scan bulk sets of 35mm negatives, slides, tapes, audio cassettes, and more at the best quality possible.


But let’s just say you already have this technology and you’re ready to scan your analog media now. The general rule of thumb is to scan prints between 600-1200 DPI and scan 35mm negatives and slides between 3000-4000 DPI.


Keep in mind the larger your DPI, the larger your file size. 2000 DPI will suffice if you don’t want to store large files on your computer. 3000-4000 DPI is preferable for archiving high quality images for years (or maybe even generations). Images scanned using 5000 DPI or more have a higher risk of graininess.


If all of this sounds confusing and stressful then don’t worry, KODAK Digitizing Box is here to digitize all your analog media professionally and affordably.

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