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Will my Kodak Digitizing Box Expire?

By Dillon Wallace

First order of business, thinking about digitizing your old analog media is a smart move. With every passing year, your old video tapes, film and photos are fading from existence. Long story short, the technology that captured those memorable moments wasn’t meant to last a lifetime. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back for your wise decision of preservation.

Now, let’s move on to the more pressing questions, because we know you’ve got them. And one of the biggest questions is “will your KODAK Digitizing box expire?”

Simple answer: NO. 

We know that your memories are incredibly important to you. We also understand that it can take time to compile them from distant family members and friends, or the complexity of retrieving them from the creepy, dusty crawl space in the attic that you have them stored in. We get the collection process, which is why our process is flexible.

Our pre-paid, self-stuffing mailer boxes are sent to you to fill at your own leisure. You can buy it now and fill it as you accumulate. Who knows? Maybe grandma has some old 35mm film  that you want to digitally preserve, and it may take some time getting it from her. So locate and compile at your own pace. And whenever you’re ready, simply mail it back, and we’ll get to work carefully and securely digitizing your precious memory cargo of VHS tapes, film reels, photos, cassette tapes and more.

In fact, we encourage you to take your time filling up your box. After all, those are your memories. So pick the right ones, or pick them all. Because what you digitize now will last generations to come. So take your time, but hurry up because that old media is full of memories that are fading with time and won’t last forever.

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