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Winter Wonderland Getaway

By Mollee Shannon

As much as we love the holidays, making the holidays magical for everyone can be a lot of work! If you need to get away for a few days before you start rockin’ around the Christmas tree, or even if you want a beautiful place to ring in the new year, a winter wonderland retreat is exactly what you need to feel refreshed and revived for the holiday season!

Don’t forget to pack your long johns because these snowy places are absolutely brrrr-illiant!

Québec City 

Why take a long flight all the way to France when you can absorb some of the best culture France can offer in nearby Québec City  in the Québec province of Canada? Settled along the bank of the St. Lawrence River, Québec City is the birthplace of New France! As a fortified city, you’ll feel as if you’re stepping back in time. Walking the narrow cobblestone streets and stone buildings amidst the aroma of fresh-baked baguettes will make those chilling 10-20 degree days absolutely worth it! This charming little town is a  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization historical site, so there’s no shortage of history and culture to pique the imagination. Stop by for a warm cup of coffee at one of the Petit Champlain district’s many cafes, or grab a bite of delicious French cuisine at one of its bistros. Québec City is also home to the Château Frontenac Hotel, a luxury palace-like setting, and the city’s beautiful, yet august Citadelle. It’s all the culture of beautiful France without the long flights to Paris! 

Lake Tahoe 

If you’d rather not deal with the complications of international travel, Lake Tahoe is the place for your winter wonderland getaway. Lake Tahoe’s milder temperatures of 30-40 degrees may also be a bit more enticing to those who aren’t accustomed to such bitter cold. If you’re outdoorsy, you’ll never be bored in a city that offers dozens of hiking trails and outdoor experiences! If you’d like a more relaxing vacation, you’ll find high-end shopping at dining, along with hot air balloon rides and smooth gondola floats in the mountains. Maybe you’re feeling lucky, and you want to test your fortune at one of the casinos! Lake Tahoe has long been considered one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the United States, and with something for everyone, it will not disappoint! 

How to Prepare 

These winter wonderland getaways are beautiful and well worth the trip, but how can you prepare for a trip to a cold wintery retreat? Think “warm and cozy” as you load your suitcase with all of your essentials. No joke, you’re definitely going to thank yourself for packing long underwear or thermal leggings and tops to wear under your regular clothes. When the wind blows, you’ll pat yourself on the back for gifting yourself that extra layer. Next, think of your feet! You’ll likely be walking through snow, so shoes will not do. Ditch the tennis shoes or sneakers, and wear something thicker. Pack some comfortable boots and warm, lightweight socks. Slip on boots are even great for going through security at the airport! Finally, be sure to pack some warm accessories! You will want to take photos of your trip, so be sure that the gloves you choose are compatible with a smartphone screen! That way, you won’t have to remove your glove every time you want to snap a photograph of your foamy cappuccino or the snowy caps of the mountains behind you. Hats are also must! Keeping your head and ears warm helps to keep your whole body warm, so you can enjoy the sites and sounds without the temptation to run into a cafe every half hour! 

Take Pictures as Souvenirs 

The French word, “souvenir” literally means “memory,” so snap tons of pictures while on your Winter Wonderland Getaway! Those chilly memories will warm your heart for years to come! You probably have some old photos and videos from your family’s other holiday and winter getaways! What are some of your favorites? How about digging out some of those good times for inspiration? You can keep your memories from freezing over by having them digitized at KODAK’s high-end professional processing facility, and your newly preserved memories will bring you the warmth of a toasty fireplace after a long walk in the snow! 

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