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Best Rainy-Day Activities

By Christian Roemer

Everyone looks forward to the weekend, and for good reason. You finally have time away from work and school, and you can fill your days with whatever merriment you want. Most of the time, those days are spent outside, frolicking in the sunshine.

But not every day has nice weather, and sometimes, weekends will be rainy. While that might seem like a bummer, there are tons of really fun things you can do inside that can be every bit as fun as running through flowery fields. Things like: 

  1. Play Board Games - There’s probably not a more classic rainy day activity than playing board games. Whether you’re a fan of Yahtzee, Sorry, or Life, there’s bound to be a good board game to whip out of the storage closet and get to tossing dice. If you’re flying solo, you can grab a deck of cards and play solitaire!
  2. Build a Pillow Fort - Couch cushions were made for building pillow forts. Ok, ok--that’s probably not true. They were made for sitting on, but they’re perfect for building pillow forts. Grab snacks, flashlights, and blankets, and have a splendid time hiding in these cushiony wonderlands.
  3. Play Hide and Seek - This activity requires a couple of accomplices, but this free-to-play game is always worth enjoying. Play in a single room of your house or expand it to everywhere under the roof. It’s totally up to you!
  4. Binge Your Favorite Show - The 21st century solution for rainy days, this is probably most folks’ go-to rainy day time killer. Pop on Netflix, grab some popcorn, and hunker down for an all day marathon of Dwight Schrute. I’m not sure why but I always associate binge watching with The Office.
  5. Make Some Art - You don’t have to be a classically trained artist to make art. All you need is some paper and a pencil to make a drawing. Scribble on an old t-shirt with a sharpie. Be creative! That’s what this activity is all about.
  6. Play Video Games - Not everyone is into video games. That’s ok. There are 9 other ideas on this list for you. The folks that do like video games probably don’t need me to tell them to play. That’s ok too. I just want everyone to know that I support your happiness, and video games are a great way to spend time on a rainy day.
  7. Read a Book - As an English major, it’s probably shameful that this idea is so far down the list, but I recognize the times we’re in. I personally think cracking open a new novel is awesome, which is why I do it all the time. Maybe a rainy day is the perfect excuse for you to start too.
  8. Dress Up Funny - Put down the window shades and wear funny clothes. Do whatever you want. Wear Halloween costumes or your dad’s New Balance 608s. Have fun with it!
  9. Sing Like Nobody’s Listening - Pretend that the rain is a soundproof wall and belt out your favorite song. Sing along to the radio, or just go acapella. Use a wooden spoon as a microphone. Put on a performance!
  10. Take a Long, Hot Bath - Something about a cold rain can chill to the bone. Counteract all that frostiness with a hot bath. Just don’t get in the bathtub if it’s storming outside!

Now you don’t have any excuses the next time it rains outside.


If you’re wondering what to do, pull up this list, get what you need, and have a good time! Rainy days don’t have to be dreary. Sunshine is just a state of mind, really.

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