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Worlds Most Underrated Beaches

By Christian Roemer

The thing about the beaten path is that it’s beaten...and it’s a path. Both of those things are incredibly not cool. That’s why branching out a bit and finding fresh trails is so awesome. Not only can you find a bit of silence in our wild and crazy world, but you can also brag to all of your friends that you found this, like, totally exclusive spot, that like, was so granola that they wouldn’t even believe you went there.

Translation: you found a really neat place that seemed a little more outdoorsy than you would normally visit, but check out these totally awesome pictures I’m about to post on Instagram.

These are 5 awesome beaches that don’t get a lot of foot traffic...yet, and are perfect for satisfy your urge for a bit of exploration.


1. Limekiln State Park, California 

What this small stretch of sand lacks in size, it makes up for in character. An almost magical place, redwood forests yield to the Pacific while Salmon Creek empties onto the beach and into the ocean. The water is cold, the waves are big, and the weather can be unpredictable. That’s OK; this state park is worth it.


2. La Peru Beach, Peru

Most people don’t think about Peru when they’re wondering about where to go for a beach vacation. That’s part of what makes this beach so special. In addition to pretty low foot traffic, the beach is actually the beginning of one of the world’s driest deserts. If you’re into surfing, it’s a picture-perfect place to go.


3. Tokeh Beach, Sierra Leone

On the western horn of Africa sits Tokeh beach. Not only does it have sapphire blue water and fluffy white sand, but the surrounding landscapes are lush and mountainous. Acres of space set this beach apart from others in its class. Rent a private cabin and spend a week in one of the world’s most serene coastal vistas.


4. Limnara Beach, Cyprus 

Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Turkey. That means, without even Googling pictures, you can expect crystal clear, emerald waters, dramatically rocky coastlines, and plenty of sun. What sets this beach apart from its neighbors is its sandy beaches--a rarity on the Mediterranean. If you’re wanting to experience a new culture and an amazing beach, this a great place to visit.


5. Emerald Beach, Japan

Most people who’ve heard of Okinawa probably have family in the military. That’s because Okinawa is a small Japanese island with a pretty big Marine base on it. On the north end of the island, however, away from the craziness of base life is Emerald Beach. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Pristine waters wash onto white sandy shores. Okinawa is a tropical island, meaning it’s always the perfect temperature for a beach day.

If you’re looking for big beaches with wild parties, this list isn’t for you. If you want some relaxation, a bit of exploration, and awesome pictures, these are awesome beaches to visit. Getting away from crowds and experiencing the vastness of the ocean can bring a newfound peace to your life that crowded beaches just can’t offer. After all, it’s a little hard to find enlightenment when Boofer is crushing kegstands a few feet away from your beach towel.

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