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Convert your old pictures to CD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with Kodak Digitizing.
Convert your old pictures to CD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with Kodak Digitizing.
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Three Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Family’s Memories

Preserve your Memories for Generations to Come

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

We send you a crush-proof, prepaid box. Fill it with your barcoded media, send it back, and relax knowing we've got it from here.
Professionally Digitized

Professionally Digitized

Our technicians convert your media by hand in our state-of-the-art facility. Receive real-time updates emailed to you every step of the way.
Relive your Memories

Relive your Memories

Your originals are returned in perfect condition alongside your perfectly digitized copies, ready to relive.

Common Questions

How will I get my pictures back?

Your scanned pictures are provided back to you on a convenient thumb drive, provided online through Google Drive, or on professionally authored CDs. You choose which way you’d like to receive your picture scans upon checkout. Digital files are delivered as JPEGs that you can store, edit and share. Please note that our CDs combine as many digitized pictures as possible onto a disc.

Do you return my original pictures?

Yes! We always send back your originals along with delivery of your newly scanned pictures.

Will you keep my pictures in order?

We use a variety of scanners and equipment for each order, to ensure the highest quality conversion for your photos, slides, and negatives. Some photos tend to be more finicky than others and may require multiple pieces of equipment. For these reasons, and because we want to make our processes as efficient as possible, we cannot guarantee that our team will be able to keep your photos in a specific/chronological order. Our priority is to make sure your memories are transferred at the highest possible quality. The good news is that whether you opt for a thumb drive, digital download or CDs, you’ll receive JPEG files of your photos. They’re perfect for downloading to your computer, where you can reorganize and edit to your liking, using any photo storage program (like Google Photos, iPhoto, etc.).

Do you clean or restore pictures?

While we offer minimal dust removal, we do not offer extensive cleaning of each of your images. We recommend cleaning them before you send your order to us. Restoring old or damaged photos is not something we do at this time. However, once your photo files are downloaded to your computer, you can easily drag and drop to reorganize, create folders, and rename the individual images however you'd like! You can also easily load them into the image editor of your choice and retouch and edit to your liking.

What are the Tech Specs?

Original Analog Quality, Captured and Preserved Digitally

MP4 Digital File (most common type for digital files, works great on computers)

640 x 480 Dimensions (captures full size of analog tape)

1-2 GB Average File Size (lots of data, great quality)

Fun Nerdy Tech Specs (for those who really want to know!)
H.264 MPEG-4 AVC (part 10), 480p, 29.97 FPS, SD, Progressive, VBR 1500-3000 kbps DVD variable encoding M2v, compressed depending on length, authored to VOB

Customer Reviews

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Your Old Photo Album, Digitized

Preserving your past, one #TBT at a time

Over the last century, KODAK has seen it all when it comes to photos because they've helped evolve the process from the very beginning.

When George Eastman founded KODAK back in 1888, he had a devotion to make “photography as convenient as the pencil.” Today, he’d love to see the milestones in photography and digital imaging they've made, in large part thanks to his vision. In today’s digital age, photography isn’t just more convenient than the pencil, it’s exceeded the power of the pen because nearly everyone has a camera and access to thousands of peers right in their pockets.

KODAK has not only seen several revolutions in photography – they’ve lead them with our fair share of imaging inventions; everything from producing the first camera film in 1883 and consumer camera in 1888 to being the first camera on the moon and developing the first digital camera in 1975. That’s a lot of film firsts, and no matter what you do to prevent the inevitable, your film will have unfortunately have a last. And if it’s not because of water damage from leaky basement storage, then it’s just a race against the clock.

Right now, you’re sitting on a glory day gold mine. A relic of what once was. The closest technology we have to traveling back in time. The only problem is, that treasure trove of throwback family photos is slowly (but surely) fading with every breath of father time.

But that’s where KODAK Digitizing Box can help. Introducing picture digitization.

With the KODAK Digitizing Box, you can take that old shoe box full of negatives, your dust-covered photo albums, those framed hanging masterpieces – even your scrapbook favorites – and convert them to digital formats so your glory days can to live on for generations to come. And if you’re worried about just handing over your precious photo cargo, remember that KODAK Digitizing Box will keep you updated through the entire process. With updated emails, you’ll know exactly what digitizing step your precious memories are experiencing.

Every photograph sent is covered by a pre-paid roundtrip KODAK Digitizing Box where upon arrival it will be personally scanned, restored and digitized in a reputable facility by pro technicians who handle your priceless pictures with the utmost care. And when it's all done, you’ll get your old photos back along with their new and safer storage place – a DVD, thumb drive and/or cloud access.

Are you ready to transform your photo mound into a collection you won’t store on the top of your desk, but rather your desktop?