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DIY: Fall Home Decor

By Mollee Shannon

With the promise of cool afternoons and rustling leaves, we can't help but feel inspired to decorate our homes to give them a warm and cozy look.

These DIY fall decor ideas will beautify your home and have you curling up on the couch with a soft blanket to enjoy your home’s fresh fall look! 

Glitter Pinecone Garland 

What you’ll need: Pinecones, fishing line, glue glitter, paint brush, scissors, fragrance oil and dropper (optional)

You’ll love the simplicity of this pinecone garland! This garland can be made with or without glitter, but glitter makes everything just a little more fun! You can use old fashioned white school glue. Dip your paintbrush in the glue and paint the glue onto the pinecones any places you want glitter. You can paint the tops of some and the bottoms of others, or you can choose different spots at random all over the pinecone. That will give your garland some variety. Next, sprinkle the glitter over the spots where you’ve placed glue. If you love a good fall smell, you can even add some fall fragrance oil to your pinecones. Try cinnamon or pumpkin pie fragrance oils, or if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can combine the oils! Use a dropper to place the fragrance oil as close as possible to the inner stem of the cone. Set your freshly glittered and scented pinecones aside and let them dry for a couple of hours. While they’re drying, go ahead and measure the area where you wish to hang your garland. Add about 5-6 inches to the measurement when you cut your fishing line, so you’ll have some room to tie your garland when you’re finished. Once your pinecones are dry, you’re ready for the next step. Using the fishing line, tie a knot around one of the seed scales (the little spiny pieces). Leave a bit of room and then tie another pinecone. Be sure to measure the distance between pinecones equally, and continue tying until you have used all of your beautifully glittered and wonderfully scented pine cones! Now you are ready to hang your garland! It’s perfect for the staircase or the mantel over your fireplace. Your new garland will make your room look cozy and crafty, and the fragrance oil will give it an extra fall feeling! 

Twinkling Twigs 

What you’ll need: A bundle of twigs,small metal bucket, string of twinkle lights

The warm glow of amber twinkle lights can set a cozy mood in just about any place. These twinkling twigs will give your home a warm and welcoming feeling on those cool nights ahead. First, collect a bundle of twigs from outdoors. This is a great activity for letting your kids and grandkids help out! It’s fun to walk around the yard and gather the twigs for your crafty project! When you come indoors, you can enjoy a cup of warm cocoa or cider with your loved ones. After gathering your twigs, collect them all in a metal bucket. Feel free to decorate your bucket with ribbon, paint, scrapbook paper, or even Washi tape prior to place your twigs inside. There are a number of ways that you can decorate your bucket to your tastes, so have fun with it! Polkadots, leaves, flowers, or even chevrons will add a bit of whimsy to your bucket. The final step is to place your twinkle lights. Lace your twinkle lights in and out of the branches of your twigs. If you have extra lights, you can even run some of the lights down the back of the bucket and then arrange them down at the bottom. If you have lights you want to arrange at the bottom of the bucket, you can even add some miniature pumpkins to the setting to make your lights look extra cozy and cute! 

These DIY crafts are quick, easy, won’t break the budget. They’re sure to have your home looking cozy and inviting for the fall season and most importantly, you’ll have some fun! 

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