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Holiday Appetizer Recipes

By Elaine Elliott

The holidays wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a vast array of appetizers and food on the kitchen table.

If you’re looking for creative options to spice up your Christmas party, check out these scrumptious starters.
Each one is easy to make and adds a special holiday twist whether it’s with the shape, color, or flavors of each selection.


Spinach and Cherry Tomato Cheese Dip Wreath

Dips are always a fan favorite and it’s easy to make this one Christmas themed with the green spinach and red cherry tomatoes. Shape the spinach cheese dip into a wreath shape, add cherry tomatoes on top for garland, and place the crackers in the middle.


For a healthier option, make a spinach hummus.


Peppermint meringue 

These sweet little treats will add a bit of color to your charcuterie board and satisfy your sweet tooth without spoiling a meal. The airy and lightweight texture makes for perfect snacking before a big feast. Whip up a Swiss meringue as usual but add a few drops of peppermint extract. Before piping the droplets on the baking tray, smear a bit of red food coloring onto the side of the piping bag to give each meringue a dash of red complete with a swirly candy cane theme to suit the season.


And for the vegans in your family, it’s actually really easy to make dairy-free meringue! Simply use the broth from chickpeas (aquafaba) and crème de tarter instead of egg whites.


Fig and Cranberry Baked Brie

Every cheese board needs a warm gooey option to go with the standard harder cheeses. And what says “happy holidays” better than a warm mouth watering appetizer? Start off with an 8 ounce French brie and place it in the oven for about 15 minutes in a skillet or dish. Afterward, top your brie with fig jam, cranberries, pecans, or thyme to give it a delicious holiday flavor.


CrockPot Orange Cranberry Meatballs

Add some zest to your starters with slow-cooked spicy, citrusy meatballs. This appetizer only requires four ingredients – chili sauce, orange juice, cranberry sauce, and frozen meatballs. Place the ingredients in your crock pot and let the magic of slow cooking do everything else.


Mini Christmas Pizzas 

This will be a hit for the kids! Make mini pizzas by cutting the dough with Christmas tree-shaped cookie cutters. Place green bell peppers and pepperoni on top for the classic green and red trend. If the children are getting stir crazy, another fun option is to have them make the appetizers at a pizza-making station near the kitchen.


Candy Cane Caprese Board 

Don’t worry, the adults can have some fun too! Set up a make-you-own caprese station by slicing up tomatoes and mozzarella. Place them in the shape of a candy cane with alternating tomato and mozzarella slices. On the side have basil leaves, balsamic vinaigrette, and baguette slices to complete the plate.

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