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Holiday Decor

By Elaine Elliott

It’s time to deck the halls and spruce up the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

DIY decorations are a great way to stand out with unique and trendy designs.

Best of all, they won’t break the bank and you’ll have a fun time crafting these eye-catching adornments.




Levitating Witch Hats

If your household is obsessed with Harry Potter, then this is the decoration for you. All you need to do is buy a bunch of witch hats and hang them with clear fish string. You can hang them in the entry way for trick-or-treaters to see, in the yard off of trees, or in the dining room for a Harry Potter-themed feast. Add some floating bats or broomsticks to the mix for a more dramatic effect.


Creepy Apothecary Bottles

Between tomato sauce jars and wine bottles, it seems like we always have extra glass containers. Use these vessels as the base for a creepy apothecary setup. Spray paint the bottles matte black and then glue hand-written descriptions to the jars with labels like “Witch’s Brew,” “Dragon’s Blood,” or “Frog’s Breath.” Place the bottles next to the trick-or-treat candy or by the cocktail bar for adult Halloween parties. For more fun, add your favorite beverages to the bottles and make your guests wince when you drink the concoctions. 




Pumpkin Vases

Just because Halloween ends doesn’t mean your pumpkins have to go away! A lot of times uncarved pumpkins can last a while and are a great use for Thanksgiving décor and meals. To make a pumpkin vase, cut out the top of the pumpkin and remove the innards. Place your flower bouquets inside the gourd and add as a centerpiece or on a coffee table. Pumpkin bouquets will look great next to smaller pumpkins too.




Ornament Trees

So instead of putting ornaments on a tree, why not just make an ornament tree? These centerpieces pop with color and sparkle to make the brightest time of year even more glamorous. It’s also easy to choose your color scheme based on the ornaments you use. To make the tree, first you’ll need to purchase giant Styrofoam cones (or shape other pieces of Styrofoam into a cone shape). Remove the tops of each ornament and then glue them onto the tree using a glue gun. Between the bigger ornaments use smaller ornaments or tinsel to fill in the gaps.


Dried Citrus Garland

Dried citrus is a great aesthetic for modern and farmhouse designs. If you want a more subtle and earthy decoration, make this tasty garland out of colorful oranges. You can also add the oranges to wreaths or hang them as ornaments to complete the look. Once Christmas is over, snack on them or put them in cocktails! Cut the oranges in thin slices (you can also use blood oranges and grapefruit) and place them in an air fryer or dehydrator. Once dried, poke a hole on the side of each slice and feed a string or wire through each orange.


New Year’s Eve


Ornament Hang Ups with Tulle

Usually balloons take the center stage on NYE, but smaller orbs will also add a beautiful effect to any wall, fireplace, or kitchen. Use leftover ornament bulbs from Christmas and hang them up with fanciful tulle. Colors like gold, white, and black will have the best effect. Hang them up in big clusters near any popular gathering spot.

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