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Spring Cleaning Tips

By Elaine Elliott

With social distancing and more time spent at home, take advantage of this opportunity to spring clean.

Sanitizing the house will get rid of unwanted germs and bacteria, and organizing cluttered areas will free up space for new home improvement projects.
Before you get started on the much needed deep clean, follow these tips to get your house looking spic and span.


Practice the Top-Down Approach

Dust bunnies are the enemy to spring cleaning. Luckily, the top-down approach eliminates as much dust as possible while you’re in a cleaning frenzy. The method starts by cleaning and dusting the highest objects in the room (ceiling fans, windows) and working your way down every object until you’re ready to sweep the floors. By finishing with the floors, you’re making sure any flyaway dust or hairs on fans, lamps, etc. are settled at the bottom for sweeping, rather than getting lifted back up into the air.


Disinfect Easy-to-Forget Spots

While we’re in the midst of a pandemic, it’s important to routinely disinfect commonly touched surfaces. To effectively get rid of germs, use a cleaner with 70% alcohol. Frequently touched areas include remote controls, doorknobs, sink handles, cabinet handles, and light switches.


Use Lemons

There are tons of ways to incorporate lemons into your kitchen cleaning routine. You can rub a half-cut lemon on the surface of your cutting boards to remove stains and smells. Once you use the half cut lemon, cut it into smaller slices and add the slices into a glass bowl with one cup of water. Heat this mixture on high in your microwave for several minutes before cleaning your microwave. The lemon solution will make it easier to wipe away grime inside the appliance. Lastly, put the remaining rinds in your kitchen disposable to make your sink smell nice and fresh.


Deep Clean Grocery Bags

It’s important to occasionally wash your reusable grocery bags, especially during a pandemic! To easily get rid of residual food bacteria and germs, toss your bags into your washer on a hot water setting. If you have a plastic or vinyl shower curtain, make sure to regularly wash it in the washer too to eliminate mold and mildew.


Follow a Checklist

The internet is full of detailed cleaning lists separating each room and task. Print out a list and follow the guidelines to stay on track. These lists are especially helpful in reminding you to replace your air filter, clean light fixtures, unclog drains, and throw away expired food and cosmetics.


Organize Old Boxes

We all have those shameful boxes tucked away in closets, desk drawers stuffed to the brim, and never-used clothes hiding away in dressers. It’s time to bite the dust and say goodbye to the clutter you never use. In the end, you’ll feel relieved knowing you’ve added extra space to your rooms by donating and getting rid of things you don’t need. Best of all, you might even find old shoeboxes full of old photographs or tapes just begging to be digitized! If you come across such family treasures, be sure to digitize your memories with KODAK Digitizing Box.

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