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Throw the Best New Years Party

By Dillon Wallace

Another new year is just around the corner and with it, a new decade. A perfect chance to reflect on the past ten years and prepare for the next ten. After all, the only thing more exciting than introducing a new decade is a new century, so if you’re looking for a great way to celebrate the first 20 years of the new millennium, then consider hosting your own all-out 2020 bash.


Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, just read on.

Send an invite

Yes, Facebook invites are easy and effective. So are group texts. But they’re also boring and too easy, if you catch my drift. There’s no inclusion or anything special about receiving a Facebook invite or text message. So, spend a little time and effort to craft a fun, physical invite you can mail out. There are so many templated invites available online and finding one to customize and send out will really hit home with your guests.


Specialty cocktail bar

New Year’s is always about celebration. And what’s a better way to celebrate than with a stiff drink in your hand? Beer, wine – even champagne – are welcome, but what can really set your New Year’s party apart from the rest is a specialty cocktail bar. Better yet, you don’t need to be a cocktail connoisseur to get into the spirit … puns. In fact, encouraging your guests to bring over their favorite drink/ingredients will give you a full setup to sling specially crafted drinks all night long.


Make it cozy but attractive

For most people, New Year’s biggest drawback is how crowded the bars are, and having to pay cover. If you’re planning to host your own bash, it’s all about the lighting, tunage … and free cover. A soft overhead glow from a bevy of candles, twinkle lights and a roaring fireplace are good starters for setting the cozy ambiance. Just make sure you’ve got enough seating to accommodate your guests … and enough room for a dance floor is never a bad idea. And speaking of dance, a decade playlist is a good place to start. So get rolling on the perfect 2010-2019 playlist.


Theme it up

People love themed parties. It gives them an extra sense of purpose for celebration. Whether you’re going for the traditionally formal black tie affair or a more playful approach like, Harry Potter extravaganza, having a theme makes your party feel more inclusive, atmospheric … and in HP’s case, magical.


Activities, activated

Small talk and introductions will only get you and your party so far. Guests want something, nay need something to do. So break up the monotony with some fun activities, such as Cards Against Humanity, popular board games – or even make up your own games, like writing down resolutions and then guessing whose is whose. A good slot of games and activities will keep everyone occupied until the countdown.


Food for thought

If you want people to stay and have fun at your party, you need to feed them. That’s not to say you need a four-course meal, or even a dinner, but plenty of appetizers and snacks will go a long way. Something warm and hearty will help keep the coziness factor, so chili is always a good option, along with chips and other easy finger foods. And let’s not forget about desserts. It’s just not right ringing in the new year without satisfying that sweet tooth. Might I recommend boozy desserts. There are tons of recipes for delicious sweets like Guinness cupcakes and more.


It’s in the details

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that the little things can make or break a festivity. You may have all the big stuff planned – drinks, food, games, etc. But, don’t overlook the small stuff. Things like gag gift handouts (you know those New Year glasses people wear), party hats, horns, sparkling drink stirrers, decor streamers, DIY noise makers, photo backdrops and other festive touches will go a long way. Just make sure they’re bordering the right line of classy versus tacky.


DIY photo booth/backdrop

Let’s be honest, people love taking selfies and group selfies. It’s how we tell each other what we did last night without actually telling each other what we did last night. So, give your guests what they want – photo opportunities. Some sparkly streamers as a backdrop and fun props (i.e. mustaches, hats, glasses, etc.) will go a long way to commemorate your New Year’s celebration, not only in your guests’ hearts but on their social media feed as well.


Speaking of commemorating your countdown celebration, do you have any old New Year’s photos that need digitizing? You know, those pictures that are lining your walls or filling out the inside of a dusty photo album? Don’t let past memories of ringing in another year go out with the old. Keep them shiny and new by getting them digitized today!

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