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8 Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

By Katy Sommerfield

If you flip through your family photo albums from the last few decades, you might be surprised to see some of the style choices of the past resurfacing today. Fashion is constantly evolving and transitioning as the years go by, and over time certain classic styles come back into focus in the modern wardrobe, recycled and reinvented into a more contemporary look. While some statement pieces can’t stand the test of time and eventually die out (i.e. poodle skirts), many styles are resurrected and remain popular in the mainstream. Check out these eight fashion trends that are coming back strong in 2019.



Doc Martens

Dr. Martens shoes were founded in 1947, and the boots were originally used by police forces, postal workers, and others in the labor force. The boots were introduced as a consumer product in the ‘60s in the UK, and slowly but surely rose to popularity, peaking in the ‘90s grunge scene. Today, we are seeing a resurgence of the brand’s popularity with fashion icons and models like Gigi Hadid being seen sporting the combat boots. Pair the boots with a plaid pant and a graphic tee for a modern European look.


Boyfriend jeans

The boyfriend jean look is essentially crafted to appear to be a men’s pant, but is in fact tailored to fit the female figure. The look first rose to popularity in the ‘60s and was pioneered by Marilyn Monroe who often paired the loose fitting pants with a feminine blouse and sneakers. As the popularity of the loose fit jean faded and the reign of the skinny jean was ushered in, Katie Holmes is often credited to have brought the boyfriend jean back into style after being spotted wearing her then-husband Tom Cruise’s jeans. Today, the boyfriend jean is everywhere and is easily dressed up or down. Some choose to pair the jeans with sneakers and a tee, and others dress them up with a strappy heel and flowing blouse. Either way, the jeans are here to stay.


Animal print

Animal fur has always been worn as a symbol of class, status, and wealth. Centuries ago, men and women alike began wearing fur to signify their riches, and the more exotic the animal, the better. It wasn’t until the 1960s that animal prints were brought into the mainstream and manufactured at low costs. Faux leopard and cheetah prints were tremendously popular in the hippie movement, with many people sporting cheetah print jackets, bags, and dresses. Today, animal print is circulating back into popularity


Faux fur jackets

Big, fluffy, faux fur jackets are hot right now, with all kinds of stars seen sporting them along with a denim pant and a statement shoe. These types of jackets have evolved from the traditional fur coat, a typically longer, heavier style that is usually very expensive and formal. The faux fur jackets we are seeing in the mainstream today are much more casual and affordable.


Two-piece dresses

The two-piece dress has been around since the Victorian era, shedding layers throughout the decades to the popular cropped-top look that we have today. With style icons like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna sporting the look, it’s safe to say that this fashion is here to stay.



In America in the 1920s, the turtleneck was first becoming popularized by the suffragettes who turned the style into a unisex fashion. Since then, turtlenecks have been associated with prep style in schools in the 1950s, and in the 80s turtlenecks were a common style among teenagers and young adults alike. Today, turtlenecks are back and have taken on a new form. Instead of the tight, neat polo neck shirts of the 50s, turtlenecks today are adopting a style more similar to that of the 80s. A chunky, loose turtleneck is in right now, and sleeveless turtleneck sweaters are all the rage.


Strappy sandals

The strappy sandals of the ‘90s are back! With a barely-there look, the strappy sandal is the perfect spring or summertime shoe. Dress up a casual denim look with a strappy heel or pair them with a cocktail dress for the perfect semi-formal wedding attire. Either way you go, you can’t go wrong with the strappy sandal.


All black everything

Get ready for grunge, because this year you’ll likely be seeing more of it on the streets and on the runway. All black outfits with a feminine twist are in - sheer black blouses and leather mini skirts pair well to make a breezy, feminine, summer grunge look. Tight, black knit pencil dresses and giant black floppy hats give a grown-up Wednesday Addams vibe that will be a bold statement outfit on a spring or summer day.



Do you remember any of these trends rising to popularity? What have been some of your favorite fashion trends over the last few decades? Go through some old pictures with your kids or your parents and I’m sure you’ll find that some of the funkiest statement pieces of the past are coming back strong in 2019.

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