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Can Super8 Film Be Transferred to DVD?

By Christian Roemer

At Kodak, we get a lot of questions. That’s understandable. As the undisputed leader in film and video since film and video existed, we’re flattered that people come to us with their inquiries. If they didn’t, we’d be concerned.

One question that we get pretty often is, “Can you transfer Super8 film to DVD?”

Easy answer: yes. 

Super8: A Quick History

Super8 film, loved by hipsters and indie bands everywhere, are a type of camera that basically brought home video to the masses. Consisting of 8mm wide film and compact cameras, Super8 made making home videos easier than ever. When you see videos from the 60s and 70s with a really pleasant, warm, sepia appearance, it was probably shot on Super8.

Even though Super8 film is ultra aesthetic, it also has its drawbacks. Specifically, it’s not so easy to play back. To watch Super8 movies, your only real option is to use a projector. That’s a lot of work. Also, have you ever used a projector? I’m pretty good with technology, but I’m 99% sure there’s no way to use a projector without it messing up the film in one way or another.

Super8 Film -> Digital

The solution for the playback issue is astoundingly simple: digitize your Super8 film and put it on a DVD! Kodak specializes in digitizing analog media of all kinds, and Super8 is one we specialize in. Heck, we invented the dang format.

While it’s possible to digitize your own Super8 film and put it on a DVD if you’d like, we don’t really recommend it for a few reasons. First, the quality won’t be so good. One of the only ways you can do it yourself is through the bootleg movie theater method, where you project the Super8 video on the wall and record the recording with a digital camera. Not ideal. The second problem is that it takes a long time. The third is, do you even have a projector anymore?

The ultra simple alternative is to pack your Super8 movies into a special Kodak box, send it to us, and let us use our special machines to scan them. What you’ll get from Kodak is way better quality, no loss of fidelity, and no need to invest in expensive or complicated equipment. We have all that stuff. All you do is send your videos to us, and we’ll return them to you along with a DVD containing all of your beautifully vintage home movies.

Additionally, you won’t have to struggle with a film projector. Does anybody actually want to do that except the weird guy that works in the throwback movie theater?

I didn’t think so.

Let Kodak digitize your Super8 videos onto a DVD so that you can actually watch and enjoy your precious memories. They’re not worth much if you can’t use them, after all.

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