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Decorating Ideas For Easter

By Shelby Burr

Spring is in the air and it is time for all the Easter festivities to begin!

The best way to kick off this holiday is to get your house decorated and ready for the easter bunny to arrive.

Here are three great easter decor ideas that will make your home full of cheer and spring-like! Plus, these are fun activities for kiddos too. 

Tea Cup Flower Vase

This is a super sweet and fun Easter DIY that will spruce up your dining room table, coffee table, fireplace mantel or any side table! This Easter DIY will also require a little bit of treasure hunting too.


Here is what you’ll need:

    • Tea cups (the cup and the plate to make it complete!)
    • Small succulents (you can find some at your local grocery store for cheap!)
    • OR you can purchase flowers instead of succulents.
    • Potting soil
    • Optional: Real egg shells!

The best part is the steps are super easy!

If you’re filling with succulents:

  1. Fill your tea cup with some pot soil, but leave a hole in the center.
  2. Take your small succulent and place it in the center of the soil. 
  3. Fill dirt around the succulent roots and pat in gently.
  4. You’ll want to water your succulent immediately to ensure the plan takes to the soil. 
  5. Place the teacup on its small plate and place it at the center of your table. 
  6. If you create multiple tea cups, you can line them up in a row for a beautiful table centerpiece. 


If you’re filling with flowers:

  1. Fill your teacup with potting soil; you’ll want to make sure it’s packed so that the flower stems can stand up correctly.
  2. Take your flowers and trim the stems shorter if needed. You’ll want to place your flowers into the teacup and continue to fill.
  3. Once your teacup is packed with beautiful flowers, it’s time to place your new decorative piece!

Letter Egg and Floral Door Decor

Let’s do a little decorating for Easter on the outside of the home! This cute DIY will have all of your neighbors smiling. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Large cardboard cut out of the first letter of your last name (they sell these at both Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store!)
    • Fake flowers
    • Plastic Easter Eggs
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue gun
    • Twine


  • Cut off any extra stem from the fake flowers
  • With your hot glue gun ready, place a dollop of hot glue onto the flower and begin placing flowers all over your cardboard letter. You’ll want it to be completely filled!
  • Once covered in flowers, glue a few easter eggs around the letter as well. 
  • Once finished and the glue has cooled, cut a piece of twine about 2-3 inches long.
  • Turn the cardboard letter over so you see the empty backside and place a quarter size of glue in the middle. 
  • Next, take the ends of the twine and place in the hot glue until it has cooled.
  • Now you are ready to hang up your letter on your front door! This is also perfect for a child's bedroom decor as well! 

Rabbit Garland

This is a quick, easy, and family friendly DIY that everyone can enjoy this Easter!

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Construction paper or white printing paper
    • A rabbit stencil (print out)
    • Piece of cardboard
    • Scissors
    • Twine or rope
    • Marketers 
    • Tape
    • Hole punch


    • Find an outline of a rabbit online and print it out.
    • Take your scissors and cut our the stencil.
    • You’ll want to tape the stencil on a piece of cardboard and then cut out the stencil on the cardboard. 
    • Now that you have your stencil made, begin drawing out rabbits on your construction or printing paper!
    • Have you and your family decorate each rabbit before cutting them out of the paper
    • Get creative! Use markers to make patterns, give your rabbit an outfit, even sprinkle some glue and glitter on your rabbit!
    • Once you’re done decorating, cut out the paper rabbits and punch one hole punch in the top center of the rabbit. 
    • Thread your rope or twine through the rabbit until you have a full garland!
    • Tie your garland across your staircase or tape it to hang over your fireplace mantel. 

This is such a fun DIY and it gets the whole family involved! 

Have fun making Easter memories this year!

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