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DIY: Make Your Own Slime

By Christian Roemer

When I was a wee lad in the 90s--and I was a major 90s kid--slime was all the rage. All sorts of slime-esque products were on the market.

Anyone remember Gak? What about Floam? Talk about a blast from the past!
All of these slime-based playthings all came from a single source: Nickelodeon. The 90s and Nickelodeon are basically synonymous to me. You couldn’t have one without the other. And Nickelodeon had everything a kid could dream of: cartoons, sweepstakes, competition shows, and of course, slime.


My dream as a youngin’ was that someday I would magically be chosen to participate in Double Dare with my family where I could cavort around their stage, covered in slime, and slipping like a dufus while competing against some other lucky family. Alas, it never happened.

While my dreams of participating in a messy and overly dramatic children’s television show never quite materialized, I can still have a slime-filled adventure. Sure, it won’t be nationally broadcast, and I definitely won’t win any prizes for participating, but it will be fun, and it might be a really fun memory to make with my 2 year old, Will. And the best part is that it’s really simple to make your very own slime. Here’s how to do it.






To make the slime, start by mixing equal parts water and glue. Please, please, please, please, use regular Elmer’s glue. DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE. YOU WILL BE VERY SAD IF YOU TRY TO USE SUPER GLUE.

Once you mix the equal parts glue and water, start adding borax to the mix. The borax makes the mixture thicken. Eventually, you won’t be able to stir it anymore, so you’ll have to use your hands. Knead it like bread dough until it doesn’t stick to your hands anymore (Interestingly, this is almost the exact same process for making dumplings for chicken and dumplin’ soup--just different ingredients, obviously). Once your slime isn’t sticking to your hands anymore, you’re done! You’ve slimed yourself!

Back up a minute. Our slime is boring. It’s a lame-o white color. It needs some personality--some PIZZAZZ!!

It’s super easy to customize your slime to look however you want! Here’s how you do it.

For Colorful Slime:

When you’re mixing the glue and water, add your favorite food coloring to the concoction! You can choose whatever colors you want! Mix and match them for maximum fun.

For Fancy Slime:

Add some glitter! Who doesn’t like a bit of glitz and glamour? When you’re mixing the glue and water, add a few pinches of glitter and watch your slime dazzle and blind the haters!

For Smelly Slime:

Want to play a joke on someone? Add some scents to your slime. Make it smell nice with some lavender essential oil. Make someone think there’s poop under the sink by adding a bit of this stuff.

The only limit to your slime adventures is your own imagination! Make slime pretty, ugly, chunky, smooth, or anything in between! Since the formula is so easy, you can experiment yourself. The most important thing is to make sure you have fun while you do it!

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