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Get the Most out of Your Digitized Memories

By Katy Sommerfield

Congratulations on digitizing your analog media! Your favorite memories from over the years are now preserved in their digital formats. That means no more worrying about storage space or physical damage to precious photos, tapes, or film. You can now rest assured that your media is safe from the tests of time.

Now that all of your pictures, videos, and audio are saved to your computer, what can you do with them?

We’ve got some great ideas for displaying and sharing your newly digitized media so that you can relive the past with your friends and family easily and digitally!


1. Share them on social media

Everyone loves to see photos and videos from the past. Share your newly digitized media to your various social media profiles. Your friends and family will love seeing old pictures of you and your loved ones, and it might inspire them to share their older pictures and home videos, too!


2. Email them to friends and family

You can also email your images and videos to those who are close to you! This is a perfect way to share your digital media with individuals who aren’t on social media. Make sure you send some pictures to grandma!


3. Make them your wallpaper

You can memorialize loved ones who you may not see much anymore or those who might have passed away by making them your wallpaper on your phone or computer. This is a great way to get a daily reminder of the love you have for that person, and it can bring back powerful and beautiful memories the two of you share.


4. Create photo books

Photo books are a huge hit right now, and they can make the perfect gifts for holidays and birthdays! Lots of supermarkets and drugstores have photo book making services in-store and online, and there are also many online companies who have specialized templates, fonts, and backgrounds that can make your photo books more unique and personal.


5. Have a viewing party

One great way to get a bunch of your loved ones together is to host a viewing party of your newly digitized media! Chances are you haven’t been able to view old home movies for a long time. Relive the past by inviting all your friends and family over for a night they will never forget. You can play your newly digitized videos on your TV, make popcorn and drinks, and share laughs and happy tears with your favorite people as you watch your favorite memories come back to life.

Now that you’ve got your favorite moments from the past preserved in digital format, you can share them with the people you love most easily and quickly. It can be so much fun to look at old pictures and watch home movies, and it can bring families and friends together in a way that not much else can.

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