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Having a Halloween Photoshoot

By Shelby Burr

Spooky season is here! And that means Halloween is just around the corner. 

Are you ready for insane amounts of orange and black, oodles of candy, scary movies, and fun costumes?

The most perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit is to have a photoshoot! Here are some fun photoshoot ideas to try this year:

Kids photo shoot

This will be such a fun idea to do with your kiddos! Have them pick out their outfit, get all dressed up and get into character for a fun, Halloween photoshoot. You can have your kids in matching / themed costumes, or you can have them be each of their unique selves and be whatever it is they want to be! You will cherish these photos for every one of your babies or kiddos. And they will turn bright red when you bring them out for their graduation party one day. 

Family Photo shoot

Halloween isn’t just for the kids, it’s for the adults too! Have mom and dad dress up and hop in the photos as well. You can be the complete team of power rangers, the incredibles family, or even characters from your children’s most favorite book! No matter what you dress as, these photos will be so fun and hilarious. Get into character, let your kids get silly with you, and have so much fun!

Pet Photo Shoot

This goes out to all those fur parents out there. Your fur babies deserve to be a little spoiled and dressed up! Dog or cat, hamster or lizard, you can find great ways to take a halloween photoshoot of your pet! Have your hamster sit inside the mouth of a perfectly carved pumpkin, or your lizard sit on the shoulder of a skeleton. Your cat and dog can be dressed up and placed on your front porch or maybe in a pile of leaves! Be quick with your photos...your pets may want to move. If you carry some treats with you, I’m sure they will stay (well, at least for a few seconds longer!).

Friend Photoshoot

Rally all your friends together and get them ready for the photoshoot of their life. Your childhood friends, college girlfriends, maybe your bros from your past job. No matter the tie in, these are your friends! Plan to do some kind of themed dress up / costumes with your pals. You’ll have a hoot!


Just some extra ideas for your photo shoot:

  • Candy! Toss it in the air, eat it, do whatever you like!
  • Jump in piles of leaves
  • Photo shoot near a cemetery 
  • Get a fog machine and some dark lights. Take some scary night time photos

P.S. don’t forget to post and share on social media for all your friends and family to enjoy!

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