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How and Why to Digitize Your Family Memories

By Shelby Burr

Have you been staring at your home movies wondering what to do with them? I mean...they (unfortunately) do fade. Yep, everything has an expiration date. That’s just life!

That’s why it’s so important to take care of your precious, one-of-a-kind home movies, photos and film.
We can’t bear the thought of living without your favorite Christmas family video, your scrapbooks full of cherished family photos or your legendary family film that captures precious seconds of those loved ones who aren’t here with us today. You NEED to take care of your memories!


I’m sure by this point you’ve thought, “I bet I could find an easy way to preserve them by reading some DIY articles online!” We don’t blame you, it’s time to think fast! But, let’s find the best way to preserve your family memories and keep them in great condition in the process.

The Truth about DIY Digitizing

So, you’re the McGuiver of the family. Always on the lookout for the next best thing and creating new inventions when you want to avoid using practical items. Well, although McGuiver himself was pretty slick...I think he would avoid using any kind of DIY form of digitizing his memories. Why? Because there is a major risk. 

When handling different kinds of formats, you have to understand the chemical balances w/i the film, how to handle fragile materials, how to operate the specific kinds of technology used to copy and burn onto a DVD for film, tape, audio, etc., what materials and solutions are used to clean your memories before digitizing, how to avoid destroying your tape when feeding it through the VCR to digitization, how to capture the volume of the video correctly.and the list goes on and on. 

Although some DIY articles look pretty easy, most of the writers have some kind of history working with photography and digitizing tech. That’s great for them! But it can be a little more difficult for those that don’t. Additionally, it can be so expensive. Most digitizing tech costs a pretty penny and for the gear you find cheap on can end up destroying your memories due to poor quality. 

Why should I digitize my memories?

Time is ticking on your precious memories. Every minute that you spend not preserving them, they are wasting away due to natural causes. Not many know that these common things are getting to your memories:

  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Water
  • Heat
  • Animals
  • Time

Don’t believe me? Dust can scratch the clarity of your memories, mold will deteriorate your photos, film ,etc, water can cause mold and cause your memories to contract and expand due to temperatures, heat can saturate your memories and cause the color to fade (as well as the audio), little critters and insects will chew your memories away to pieces and time will eventually fade your memories to nothing. We know...yikes. 

It’s important to digitize your memories NOW. That way you can save them for decades and decades to come, you can relive those special that you hold dear to your heart and your family and friends can all enjoy and reminisce with you. Let your family's legacy live on.

So, now that DIY’s are out of the way and we see how important it is that you address this issue now...where do you start? Start with KODAK Digitizing Box. Listen. Be the McGuiver of 2020 and use this special gadget! All you have to do is load your memories in the KODAK Digitizing Box (super safe, crush proof, will protect everything inside) and mail it off to KODAK Digitizing Box. From there, specialized digitizing technicians will handle your memories with care (and all the fancy tools) and digitize your memories to DVD, thumb drive or digital download. You’ll have ALL of your original memories, plus your new digitized memories, back to you in just a few short weeks! Out of sight, out of mind and out of harm's way. 

It will be the easiest and best decision.

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