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How Many Feet are in a Film Reel?

By Katy Sommerfield

So you’re thinking of getting your film reels digitized. Congratulations!

The best way to preserve any form of analog media is to get it digitized.
Plus, once you receive your digitized copies, you can easily access them on any device and share them with all your loved ones. You’re one smart cookie for taking the first steps toward digitization. 


After looking at KODAK Digitizing’s website, you may have some questions as to how digitization works, what types of formats we can digitize, and more. The answers to a lot of these questions lie on our KODAK Digitizing website. For now, let’s focus on one question we hear from a lot of our customers: How many feet are in a film reel?

Well, the answer differs depending on the diameter of the reel. Here’s a handy chart that should help you figure out about how many feet are in your film reel.


Reel diameter
Film length
Run time at 18 frames per second
50 ft
3-4 min
100 ft
7-8 min
200 ft
14-16 min
300 ft
21-24 min
400 ft
28-32 min
600 ft
42-48 min
800 ft
56-62 min

You can refer to this chart above to find the approximate length of your films and their run times. This will help you estimate how much footage you’ll be receiving after digitization. The chart refers to the lengths of full film reels, so if you have reels that aren’t full, the numbers will be a little different.  

We hope this information helps you figure out how many feet are in your film reels, and about how much footage is captured on the films as well. After sending your films in for digitization, you may end up with a lot of footage depending on the size of your reel - jackpot! 

Thanks for choosing KODAK Digitizing for your digitization needs. We are thrilled to help you preserve your analog media and we can’t wait to partner with you.

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