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How To Create A Photo Wall Collage

By Elaine Elliott

Let your imagination run wild with a customized photo wall collage. With so many photo, frame, and arrangement options, this project will make your home look unique and show off your personal style.


You can always add or edit to your collage, or even arrange several throughout the home. The more photos you take, the more reason you have to make more! Plus, this DIY craft is the perfect way to show off your favorite faces and places to your family and guests.


With so many wall collage possibilities, how do you even begin such an ambitious project? Don’t worry, we made a quick guide listing some pointers and suggestions to help you.


PS- Don’t forget to digitize your photos with Kodak before getting started!


Choosing a Wall


First, decide where you want to display your photo collage. You can really choose any wall in your home. Even a small entryway, corridor, or accent wall can be the perfect place to showcase lots of photos.


But if you want your photo wall collage to be big and bold, we suggest choosing a wall in your family room, staircase, or dining room. Any place where there is a lot of empty space on the wall in a common area of the house is ideal.


Selecting Your Photos


Every wall collage needs a general theme. Is the theme family-focused? Or maybe nature-centered? Think of your collage as an art gallery. All art galleries have a general theme or style to create a cohesive look.


This can be the most difficult decision! It’s good to either pick a theme for your wall collage or start with a photo you really love and go from there. For example, the wall can display photos from a single family vacation or event. Or it can be images of every family member from different occasions. Or it can be a collection of all the analog film photos you’ve taken over the years.


Don’t forget to also consider the color scheme of the room and pick photographs that compliment these colors.


Pinpointing Your Design Aesthetic


Your photo collage can say a lot about the general design of your home. So choose wisely and go with the colors and frame patterns you naturally gravitate toward.


For a more fun, quirky, or eclectic look, pick different frame sizes, colors, and brands. This gives the wall a pop of color and a vibrant, artistic feel to the room. If you have a lot of family members, travel memories, or pets to show off, then this style is a great way to display dozens of photos. To add to the eclectic scheme, consider adding paintings, posters, or other art mediums to the collage (rather than focusing just on photographs).


For a classic, modern, or stately look, go with the same brand and color of frame but in various sizes (horizontal, vertical, and square). For an even more traditional feel, make all the photos black and white too. The wall will embody a bold and timeless look with this aesthetic.


For a minimalistic approach, choose only a few frames (we suggest odd numbers such as three or five) and line them in a row on the wall. If the wall is smaller such as a hallway or bathroom, then this is a good style. Having only a few frames is nice if you want a clutter-free look that really draws the eye to only a few bold photographs without feeling overwhelmed.


Arranging Your Photos and Frames


Time for the fun part – arranging your collage! Make sure to start with a bold image as the centerpiece, and work your way around this image by mixing up horizontal and vertical photos. Collages look great if the photos and frames come in various sizes or shapes. Make sure to balance these frames with an even proportion of different dimensions.


If you don’t really know where to start, search “photo wall collage” on Pinterest to view different dimension, frame, and placement recommendations. Don’t forget to arrange all the photos and frames on the floor beforehand to make sure you like the design before finalizing the hang ups.


All in all, you really can’t go wrong with a photo collage. All our suggestions should be viewed as guidelines but in the end, it’s really up to you and your preferences. Photo wall collages are never permanent, so you can always add or adjust photographs as you go.

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