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Our Favorite Travel Apps

By Elaine Elliott

From air travel tips to finding out how to tip, these travel apps make wandering easier for all the ramblers and rovers at heart. If you haven’t gone on vacation in a while, avoid stress and fatigue with help from these handy apps. 

Easily Adjust Your Sleep Schedule


Before you even leave on your trip, make sure to download Timeshifter several days beforehand to prepare your sleep schedule. During long flights or vacations with extreme time differences, Timeshifter can help ease your fatigue and adjust your circadian rhythm and sleep habits to the new time zone. Timeshifter will provide key advice to avoid jet lag, as well as tricks for when and when not to nap during the flight. Timeshifter even takes into consideration your age and sleep patterns and sets a daily sleep calendar for each day of your travels.

Find a Place to Stay


If you’re a sporadic traveller (or your flight schedule changed at the last minute), HotelTonight is a great app for finding discounts on available rooms the night of. The app will show the best deals on quality hotels within your area by using a user-friendly map visual. You can compare discounts, book rooms within the app, or even make reservations up to 100 days out.


You probably know about Airbnb, but if you want cheaper accommodation options, Hostelworld is a great app for finding which hostels are near you. You can scan through thousands of reviews on hostels in over 170 countries. The app also has plenty of blog posts and content for helping you discover exotic destinations for your next trip!

​​Manage Your Money


Piper provides the tipping customs of over 80 countries on their offline database (which is always helpful in case you don’t have cell service). It’s great for Euro vacations when you’re going in and out of several countries within a single day. Don’t stress about keeping track of tipping rates and recommendations when Piper can do all the work for you.


XE Currency Converter

Check live and updated exchange rates instantly as well as historical data from the past decade to see how rates have altered from your last vacation. You can view multiple currency rates side-by-side to make sure you’re getting the best deal on hotels and purchases. 

​​Communicate with Locals

Google Translate

You’ve probably used Google Translate on your computer before but did you know you can also use the algorithm in app form? This convenience can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to communicate with taxi drivers or waiters abroad. If you know you’ll be in a place with limited service, you can download certain languages prior to travel. You can also convert voice conversations nearly instantly to ease any confusion.

Plan Fun Excursions


Headout lists events going on in major cities such as New York and Dubai. You can view last-minute discount rates on sought-after tours or events that weren’t completely booked. The app also features concerts, plays, adventure tours, and more.



Get in touch with locals in different cities throughout Europe and Asia for a more intimate travel experience. You’ll choose a tour and local guide you prefer based on their profile and personality. You can even scan through guide reviews beforehand to get an idea of what the experience will be like.

Receive Canceled Flight Compensation


Have you ever been frustrated with customer service? Or given up altogether on getting a flight refund? AirHelp assists in compensation for overbooked, canceled, or delayed flights. They take 25% of the payout but you get the remainder. Contacting airlines to try to get a refund is never easy. The time consuming and stressful process is eliminated altogether when you let AirHelp take care of everything.

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