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Packing Tips to Make Travel Easier

By Elaine Elliott

As more vaccine shots roll out each month, tourism is starting to blossom again. After a hefty dose of cabin fever, everyone is ready to pack up and tick off that bucket list vacation!

 But before you board the plane or start the car, what are you going to do about your suitcase?
No one likes dealing with the tedious and time-consuming effort of packing. So we’ve compiled this list of packing tips to make your planning and traveling a little more carefree. 


Tip #1: Make A List 

Lists are a foolproof way for even procrastinators to remember everything. It’s best to make your list a week beforehand so you have time to mull over everything you might need. But even if you are the world’s best procrastinator, you can check out hundreds of different travel lists online at the last minute.


Tip #2: Lay Everything Out Before Packing

People tend to be very visual thinkers. When you see everything you’re packing placed together in an organized pile, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need and don’t need. It also gives you a good idea of what suitcase to use based on how big the pile is. Include toiletries, books, electronics, and all your other items too!


Tip #3: Roll Your Clothes

Professional packers have stated rolling clothes makes a lot more room compared to folding clothes. Plus, rolled clothes don’t wrinkle as much!


Tip #4: Pack Liquids Separately 

No one likes to waste time in the TSA line. Make sure all your liquids are packed separately and easy to pull out of your bag. If you’re traveling to a place with higher elevation, be prepared to have your liquids “explode” when you first open them. In this case, don’t fill travel-sized liquid bottles to the brim.


Tip #5: Put Shower Caps on Shoes 

If you’re worried about shoes in your suitcase getting other items dirty, then cover them with shower caps, saran wrap, or a plastic bag. Plastic bags are also nice for dirty clothes or wet bathing suits!


Tip #6: Reconsider Your “Personal Item”

Typically a personal item is a purse. But don’t forget that your personal item can be a backpack too (as long as it can fit under an airplane seat). Instead of defaulting to your go-to purse, consider emptying your purse and stowing it into a larger backpack. That way you can still use your purse at your destination, but you can pack more items in a larger bag for the time being.


Tip #7: Keep Cash in Different Spots

This is crucial for international travel or travel to remote areas. Keep your cash safely concealed in multiple spots within your bags. In the event that your wallet gets stolen or lost, you’ll want to have extra money hidden away.


Tip #8: Layer Up Before Boarding 

Bringing extra layers on planes is always a good idea since planes can be a little chilly. Plus, you never know what could happen. If your flight is delayed and you’re stuck at the airport for hours or overnight, having extra clothes is a blessing. And as an extra bonus, the more layers you wear on the plane, the more space you have to pack extra clothes in your suitcase!


Tip #9: Carry On Heavier Items 

Every so often you’ll see someone at the airport check-in line rearrange their items because their suitcase exceeded the weight limit. If you can’t weigh your suitcase at home beforehand, then focus on packing your heavier items such as electronics and hair tools into your carry on. Another option is to invest in a luggage scale. Luggage scales are travel-size so you can weigh your suitcase before heading home too.


Tip #10: Bring Snacks

Gas stations and airport restaurants are pricey and the food isn’t always ideal. Pack a snack bag for your car or put snacks in your carry on. This way you save money and you get to enjoy the comfort food you like most.

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