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Photo Scavenger Hunt

By Shelby Burr

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Hoping to find an activity that multiple people can enjoy and have fun this summer?

We know just the thing -  a photo scavenger hunt.

This will be fun, it will be creative and it will make the most fun memories! There are two opportunities for you to set up a scavenger hunt and have photos be the main theme.


Option 1

Each clue is a photo! That’s right, get the polaroid fired up and take some pictures of each clue. Everytime someone finds the photo, they have to decipher what is in the photo to determine the next location they must visit. You could take a photo of the location itself, you could take a photo of something that is a signature staple of this place, or even a photo of someone who frequents this place often. The hope is that when the members of the game see the photo, they will know exactly where to travel to next.

If you think the photo alone is too difficult, you can always write a clue or riddle on the back of the photo! This will provide more clarity on where to go next. But have fun with this! Your photos can be creative to where members of the game have to collect them all in order to win! Or maybe they need to replicate the exact photo they find. Either way, this will be fun. Speaking of taking photos…

Option 2

Each team or member that finds the clue must take a photo with said clue! You provide each team with a polaroid and some film and have them take a photo in each location they visit. You can either require photos to have certain things in certain places! Maybe one location you must take a photo with someone wearing the color pink...this could be anyone, even a stranger! Either way, each team must provide a photo at each stage in order to win the prize. As they continue to each location and find different clues, you could hide other things along the way so that they can built out a photo album! For example, one location might have a binder for the photos, the next location might have a picture protection sheet for your photos, and the last might have extra film for your polaroid. 

This will be such a fun scavenger hunt because you will be capturing this special moment every step of the way. Everyone will love how interactive this is. And even if there are a few people who aren’t doing much to participate, you can require that everyone be in the photo in order to advance! Make it fun, make it engaging and definitely make your memories! 

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