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Planning a Trip With a Big Group

By Katy Sommerfield

Going on a trip with a large group of friends or family can foster some of life’s greatest memories. There’s nothing quite like having all your loved ones in the same place, spending quality time together during a fun, relaxing vacation. If you don’t get to see each other often, planning a group trip can be the perfect way to reunite with as many friends or family members as possible.

Everyone loves to vacation, and the more the merrier, right? 

In all honesty, planning a trip with a big group of people can be challenging. Whether it’s a family vacation or a trip with friends, juggling multiple schedules, personalities, and desires can cause stress and prevent you and those you’re traveling with from having the best time possible. If you are serving as the trip coordinator, how can you keep the peace and schedule the best vacation ever for your group?

Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you curate an amazing, stress-free group vacation. Try some of these out, and you’ll no doubt have a wonderful vacation to remember through the years. 


Assign tasks 

It’s important for everyone to be involved when planning a group trip so that each opinion and wish is heard and considered. One excellent way to get your friends or family working together is to delegate tasks. For instance, make one person in charge of finding lodging, another in charge of travel accommodations, etc. This way, everyone gets a say in at least one element of planning. 


Be open with budgeting

Planning a group vacation is no time to be shy about finances. It’s important to be realistic and honest with your fellow travelers about your personal trip budget so that no one ends up broke after their friend picks an expensive hotel for lodging. Make sure that everyone in your group is aware of how much travel, dining, lodging, etc. will cost so that adjustments can be made, if necessary. 


Create a group trip document

One great tip for staying organized is to create a shared group document that includes all trip information, such as booking and flight numbers, expenses, and more. It is so much easier to communicate on one platform than to juggle individual calls, texts, or emails. 


Plan a few group outings

The greatest reason you and your friends planned a group trip was to spend time together. While it is a good thing to forget about calendars and schedules during your vacation, you don’t want to reach the end of the trip without having at least one group outing. Plan anywhere from one to three group outings, depending on how long your vacation is, so that you are your friends can really catch up and spend quality time together. You don’t have to overdo it - a few chances to gather together are plenty. 


Go separate ways

While spending time together is the goal of a group vacation, it is important for everyone to have personal time and space during the trip. Spending too much time together can lead to anxiety and stress, and you and your friends need to unwind on vacation instead of becoming overwhelmed. Remember that it’s okay if the group isn’t all together each day of the trip. Give yourself and the group time to rest, relax and recuperate during your travels

These are just a few of the best tips to ensure a peaceful and fun group trip. You and your friends can absolutely have the best time on vacation together, and these five tips can help make that happen. Make sure you enjoy yourselves and take lots of pictures to commemorate the amazing trip you’ll be taking together - it’s a gift to be able to spend quality time with all your closest friends or relatives in one place.

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