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Things I Never Travel Without

By Elaine Elliott

Let’s be honest, traveling can sometimes feel like a hassle. It’s so easy to forget an item you really, really wish you’d remembered every time you leave the house. Here’s a quick list of some worthy items to pack to make your next trip more convenient and less stressful.



Most airlines make you pay extra for a set of earbuds, so don’t forget to bring your own!


Ear Plugs

It seems like the one time you forget your ear plugs is the one night where traffic or loud parties keep you up. Hotels usually carry ear plugs but the costs can be inflated. Keep a couple spares in your toiletry bag to make sure you’re always ready for restful sleep.


Water Bottle

Stop paying for plastic water bottles at coffee shops and stores when you can reuse an insulated water bottle over and over again. This always comes in handy on short flights where beverages aren’t handed out, or last-minute adventures like hikes and city walks.



Similar to always staying hydrated, you’ll always want to stay full too! Traveling on an empty stomach can be exhausting and airport food is quite pricey. Bringing small snacks from home will save you a lot of money in the long run. Easy snacks like yogurt, nuts, fruit snacks, hardboiled eggs, and cookies will keep the hangry urges at bay.



It may sound silly, but this can be quite useful! Bring a small Tupperware container in case you have restaurant food or family dinner leftovers you want to bring on the plane or car ride the next day. Food in Tupperware is allowed on planes and won’t collapse or leak like Styrofoam carry out boxes.


Vitamin C Supplements

It’s really easy to catch a cold in crowded airports. Long car rides can also rouse stress and sickly symptoms. Bring vitamin C pills or Emergen-C packets in your bag for travel days. Don’t forget to take a couple supplements the day before traveling too!



Never underestimate the importance of sunscreen. Sunrays can penetrate the skin even through glass panes, plane windows, and car windows during road trips. Make sure to bring a small bottle for carryon luggage.


Rain Jacket

It always seems to rain at the most inconvenient and unexpected moments. Be prepared by packing a rain jacket or umbrella for any spontaneous inclement weather.


Bathing Suit

Make sure to bring a bathing suit in case you have an impromptu hot tub or pool dip. This item is easy to pack but often forgotten.


Mini Laundry Bag

A laundry bag or duffle bag in your suitcase is always nice for separating dirty clothes from clean clothes. Sometimes you don’t always wear every piece of clothing you bring, so keeping clothes apart will prevent you from doing more laundry than necessary. Plus, these small bags are easy to tuck away in any suitcase.



Phone cameras are getting nicer, but camera photos will always showcase a better quality image. If you’re going on an once-in-a-lifetime vacation, then you’ll want to take the best photos possible!


Plug Adapter

If you’re going overseas, it’s always easy to forget about the different plug outlets. Prevent this from becoming a problem by bringing a plug adapter for all your electronics.

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