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Things to do While Stuck at Home

By Shelby Burr

We are all living in a very interesting time right now. The world was at a standstill due to all the crazy Covid-19 and we are all continuing our best practices to social distance ourselves and keep everyone safe. Although some of us are making our way back into the office, a lot of us are still working from home or staying in just to help flatten the curve. Well, staying in isn’t all that bad! This can actually be a great time to do some self-auditing, exploring and discovery of some new hobbies!

Sure, you may be on week seven of being home (or longer). . . and sometimes the boredom starts to creep in, but that’s why we came up with some fun activities you can do to keep the boredom at bay! 


Let’s bring back this classic activity! Yes, puzzles. Oddly enough, you may find puzzles to be way more enjoyable than when you were a kid. Now that we have a beautiful thing called the Internet, you can search for amazing puzzles online that will keep you busy for hours! Find a puzzle of your favorite movie, a nature scene, or even something cosmic and out of this world. Not only will this be a time-consuming and fun activity, but it’s also great for helping your memory!

That’s right. Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. It also increases the generation of new relationships. This, in turn, improves mental speed and thought processes. Now that you know how beneficial puzzles are, this is a great activity to do during Safer at Home! Brew some hot cocoa, put on some comfy clothes, and have fun solving your puzzle!

Re-arrange the house

During this time of quarantine, a lot of folks have been antsy around the house. I mean, you can only clean your kitchen or garden so many times before you run out of tasks. That said, why not rearrange your home a little bit. By doing so, you’re also helping your brain and body live in a similar, yet shifted environment. Start with your living room. Is there decor that could be moved somewhere else? Can you swap the rug in the guest room with the one in the living room? Maybe move the sofa over to the wall and that side table to the corner?

No matter how you organize your home, definitely do this! You’ll be creating a new space for your body and brain to breathe...especially since you’ve been looking at the same layout inside for x weeks.


You may not be a Picasso, but you can still enjoy and try out this activity! Painting. Don’t worry, this does not require any kind of experience. It only requires some supplies and an open mind to create for fun! Whether you pick acrylic paint and a white canvas, or watercolor paints and some paper, it’s time to get crafty! Not only is this a fun project, but it might be a great therapy during quarantine. You can focus on letting go of control and letting the paintbrush create whatever it will create! 

Zoom Cocktail Parties

If you haven’t done this yet, get your glasses ready! Call up your friends, pick a date and time, and have a zoom cocktail hour! Not only do you need community and conversation, but you need to blow off steam with your friends. Make it extra fun by having everyone share one snack recipe and/or cocktail recipe that everyone can try to make prior to the cocktail hour. That way, you have can also break bread together. 

Cooking online

Yes, now is the time where everyone is baking, cooking, and learning new culinary tricks! All you have to do is find some fun videos online for some new recipes. Follow along with a chef or find some instructions and begin doing it all on your own. Either way, it’s time to treat yourself to some yummy food and avoid getting takeout every night. 


It’s time to clean! And we don’t mean tidy up around the house...we mean it’s time to declutter your belongings. And what is the most important and precious thing that you own that hasn’t had much attention, but takes up the most room? Your memories! Photos, tapes, film,’s all compiled somewhere in your home waiting to be digitized. Now is the best time to get this task done and to SAVE your memories. Yes, save them from natural causes that will cause your sweet memories to fade away. 

Never fear, Kodak Digitizing is here. It’s easy, quick, and worry-free! All you have to do is order your Kodak Digitizing box, fill it up with your memories and send it off to their professionals. Then, you’ll receive your digital memories AND your originals all back safely in a few short weeks. Then you can binge-watch your home movies and look at photos while you’re home!

All that to say…

Staying home and avoiding Covid-19 isn’t all that bad as long as we do things that bring more value into our lives while we are home. Read a book and gain more knowledge, learn a new recipe and apply yourself to something new, use this time to reach out to friends/family that you want to connect with more often… this is the time to change our perspective and make new life decisions and habits that will benefit you in the long run! 

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