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Ways To Stay Connected With Family

By Dillon Wallace

Nearly halfway through 2020 and one thing is certain – it’s been a crazy year. A global pandemic causing mass quarantine across the world … Who would have predicted that?!

Our world has been turned upside down by this unprecedented time, which makes it more important now than ever to stay connected with the ones we love. 

But what does staying connected look like as we continue to prepare for the “new normal?” Well, we might not have all the answers, but we’ve got a few tips and tricks for staying connected during these socially distanced times.



Businesses all across the planet may be shut down (at least in some capacity), but if there’s one industry that’s booming, it’s got to be the telecommunications industry. Phone carriers everywhere are supporting heavier volumes of users than ever – whether it’s the influx in people working from home or personal communications to loved ones, our smart devices are even more our lifelines now than ever before.


And since so many smartphone users have iPhones, it just makes sense that FaceTime has become an easy way to stay connected from one virtual face to another. But don’t worry Android users, we’ve got you covered, too.


Zoom/Houseparty/Google Meet

With so many people stuck inside and away from friends and family, the video app roulette has boomed. Zoom is a great way to connect with a large group of people, which is why a lot of schools have adopted it as the go-to video conference app. But there are other great options like Houseparty and Google Meet that give users some of the same great group features. The fact that you can even customize your background on some of these makes them that much sweeter.


Go beyond catching up

The best part about video chat? They don’t just have to be conversations. Step up your video call game (literally) with virtual happy hours, binge-worthy watch marathons or good ol’ family game night. I’ve seen my fair share of heated Zoom Monopoly. Trust me, it’s just as fierce virtually as it is in person.


Celebration video compilations

One of the toughest lessons quarantine has taught us is that it’s hard to replace in-person celebrations with virtual ones. No birthday parties, no graduation parties, no weddings … the list goes on. But, that doesn’t mean it can’ be done. Have a loved one’s birthday coming up? Get a bunch of friends and family members to record a short 20 second video wishing them a happy birthday and then compile them all together into a birthday video they’ll never forget. Same goes for graduations and weddings – congrats compilations can go a long way. 


So you might not be able to have more than 10 guests at your wedding, but there’s a silver lining – your budget just caught a huge break. Hey, we’re in a pandemic. You’ve got to take any win you can get.


Stirring up old memories

Since we’re in tough times when it comes to making new family memories, why not relive some of the best old ones? Digitizing your old pictures and home videos, and sharing them with friends and family (especially for special occasions) is a perfect way to say “I love you, miss you and I’m proud of you” during quarantine. And the beauty behind digitized copies is that they’re easier than ever to share – email, text, post – you name it.


Let’s face it. Quarantine has been an adjustment for all of us … maybe not as much for all the introverts out there (represent!), but an adjustment nonetheless. However,  just because you can’t actually be there for a loved one doesn’t mean you can’t be there. Stay connected. Stay safe. We’ll get through this together!

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