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Are Cassette Players Still Available?

By Katy Aguayo

2020 has surprised us in countless ways, but one surprise in particular we are excited about is the resurgence in popularity of the beloved cassette tape. 

Cassette tapes, first introduced in the 1960s, changed the way we listen to music.

Before cassettes, there was no real way to handpick the music you listened to on the go. Sure, there were radios in cars and portable AM/FM radios were popular, but there was no way to choose which artist or song you were listening to - it was all at the mercy of the DJs. When the cassette tape came onto the scene, and the Walkman by extension, it was the first time in history that you could take your favorite album with you on the bus, on a jog, or on a drive.


However, the invention of the CD in the late ‘70s eventually put the cassette tape to rest, or so we thought. And now that music streaming services are the major method of music-listening, it’s very surprising that cassette tapes are coming back in style. Yet here we are in 2020, with cassette tape sales higher than they’ve been in decades. What’s causing the spike?

Considering that the sound quality of cassette tapes is not it’s best selling point, it’s likely that nostalgia and the vintage-feel of cassette tapes are what is driving sales today. Memories and current trends are powerful motivators in the world market, and it seems that in the cassette tape’s case, these are playing in their favor.

So if you’ve recently started purchasing cassette tapes again, or if you’ve found an old stash of some from yesteryear, you’re going to be needing a cassette tape player. The question is - is anyone still making cassette tape players?

The answer? Yes!

Many manufacturers are still producing cassette tape players today, both portable and stationary. You can choose from different brands and models if you buy online. Many major retailers still sell cassette tape decks and Walkmans on their websites, but the store availability may be slim to none depending on your location. 

You can also buy used tape decks and portable cassette tape players from websites like eBay or even from your local used goods store. When buying a used cassette tape player you risk the quality of the equipment being less than stellar, but if there is a specific brand or model that you are looking for that is no longer in production, buying used is the way to go. 

It’s always fun to see trends from your childhood come back around for another run in the spotlight as an adult. Who knows how long the cassette tape’s second wind will last, but while it’s here let’s enjoy every last ounce of the nostalgia it has to offer.

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