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Are Music Cassette Tapes Worth Anything?

By Mollee Shannon

Those glorious old cassette tapes! Do you remember using a pencil to rewind your cassette tapes?

That’s an old school trick, but you won’t need that trick anymore once you’ve decided to digitize your tapes with KODAK Digitizing Box!
You’ll have every garage band recording, or 80s hair band song you love on a thumb drive, digital download, or disc, no pencils necessary. But you may wonder whether your cassette tapes are worth anything. 


Cassette tapes are the product of a Belgian inventor in the late 1960s, but cassettes quickly became the most used tape for pre-recorded music. Introduced at the Berlin Radio Show, cassette tapes quickly became a fan favorite.  From the 1970s-1980s, cassette tapes flew off of the shelves for pre-recorded music and as blank tapes for recording! How many of us recall listening to the radio DJ, poised to record a favorite song onto a cassette tape? 

Whether your cassette tapes are worth some cash relies on a few factors. This media is no longer mass produced, so chances are, your cassette tapes are collectible! If you’re a collector of vintage technology, you’ll definitely want some cassette tapes, in addition to your vinyl. The value of cassette tapes varies based on the popularity of the band, the age, and whether or not the music was professionally recorded. 

Cassette tapes from popular bands are, predictably, more marketable than others. If you’ve got some Bowie or Def Leppard, you may be in luck! Obscure bands may be less profitable, but cassette tapes are already a niche market! You never know how many fans you can expect when selling cassette tapes from your collection! 

If you’re in possession of some really popular stuff, you should be able to grab a nice price! If you’re selling your teenage band’s demo, you may struggle to find a buyer, but chin up! Most vintage music lovers love all types of cassette tapes, just for the joy and delight of hearing that old school music. The 1990s brought us CD-rom, but it could never match the clicking and whirring of the cassette tape. 

If you have some cassette tapes in your collection, check out their market price! They might be worth more than you’d think. You could find an audible treasure trove! Before you market your memories, be sure you have all your cassette tapes transferred to a digital format for easy listening! KODAK Digitizing Box’s expert technicians will process your cassette tapes for you, and you can listen to that good time music, while you sell your original cassette tapes for some good time cash!

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