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Are Photo Negatives Worth Keeping?

By Mollee Shannon

While media lovers look to digitize their analog collections, many ask whether the original media is worth keeping. There are few things you want to consider when digitizing your collection of analog media

  1. The quality of the photo negative material
  2. Will you want to enlarge your images someday?
  3. Are you able to store these images in a safe environment that will preserve the life of your negatives for as long as possible? 

So What are Photo Negatives? 

Called negatives because the light and colors are inverted, these images are the original light and color capture of what become your photo prints. If you find a cache of photo negative strips, they can be difficult to view without the proper equipment, but the great news is, KODAK Digitizing Box has all of the state of the art equipment to digitize your photo negatives for you. This is one of KODAK Digitizing most popular services! 

Are Photo Negatives Worth Keeping? 

There are some compelling reasons to keep your photo negatives even after they are digitized. Negatives can be scanned at high resolutions and are better for any desired photo enlargements. When scanning photo prints, the photo can only be enlarged depending on the quality of the photo print itself. If you ever decide you’d like an 8x10 inch photo made from one of your images, your potential for a high quality scan is much better with a photo negative than with a print photo

How Do You Store Photo Negatives?

Unfortunately, most photo negatives were not made from high quality archival materials, so you’ll want to digitize your negatives as soon as possible. To get the longest life from your photo negatives, you’ll need to store them in a dry, dark, cool environment. Brightness and dampness will wear on your photo negatives, so it’s important to store them carefully. 

Why Digitize Soon? 

In addition to preserving the images on your negative strips, you’ll want to digitize your media for the sake of convenience and for sharing with loved ones. When KODAK Digitizing Box converts your analog media to a digital format, you receive files that are easy to access on your computer, and even easier to share with loved ones from your cloud page or your device storage. KODAK Digitizing Box will allow you to preserve your analog media collection for generations to come, with no worries about the life of your images. With your digital files, you can easily, point, click, store, and share. 

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