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Convert your old negatives to DVD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with KODAK Digitizing Box.
Convert your old negatives to DVD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with KODAK Digitizing Box.
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Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

We send you a crush-proof, prepaid box. Fill it with your barcoded media, send it back, and relax knowing we've got it from here.
Professionally Digitized

Professionally Digitized

Our technicians convert your media by hand in our state-of-the-art facility. Receive real-time updates emailed to you every step of the way.
Relive your Memories

Relive your Memories

Your originals are returned in perfect condition alongside your perfectly digitized copies, ready to relive.
Trust KODAK Digitizing Box

Trust KODAK Digitizing Box

Trust is in our DNA. Since 1888.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Informed at Every Step of our Process

Informed at Every Step of our Process

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Digitize Your Negatives

Turn a negative situation into a positive memory


Cameras work by exposing film to light. And during that light exposure process, chemicals in the film react depending on the level and type of light. Post chemical development process, you’re left with little brown strips, or what we call negatives. It’s common to be more excited about the fully developed photos that accompany those brown strips, but those seemingly insignificant brown strips are what’s left of your actual film. And they’re a lot more valuable than you may have thought.

Negatives are often referred to as the backup files of photography. And back in the day, that was accurate. That’s right, those little tiny brown stips of film actually served a purpose – a big one in fact. You see, negatives are your actual pictures – your original images. They’re what allowed you to take film and turn it into printed pictures. And whether it was you personally fiddling around in a dark room back in the day to develop negatives and create prints or you sending them off to your local pharmacy to develop and print, negatives were necessary to make it all happen. From big or small prints to dark or light ones, negatives afforded you the ability to develop your photos just the way you wanted them to look. And when the development process was completed, you could rest assured knowing that you still had your negatives – those little brown strips – just in case you ever needed to reprint any photographs.

But now that we’ve fast forwarded several decades, those “backup” negatives are just as much at risk of fading from existence as the fully developed photos themselves. Maybe even more so due to the fact that they’re actual film and even more susceptible to endangerment from poor storage and father time.

That’s right, your photos won’t last forever. There’s an extinction clock and it’s counting down as they slowly degrade over time. And the negatives that were supposed to back them up (assuming you’ve kept them this long) are following closely behind. But don’t worry, your old film, photos and negatives can still be saved and we can help!

Introducing KODAK Digitizing for your film, photos and negatives. Our preservation professionals can safely and accurately scan your photos, 35mm film and negatives to convert them from their aging analog form into fully functioning digital copies that are ready to post, share and live on.

Our quality scanning service is the perfect answer on how to preserve your past memories. After all, a large majority of the photos being scanned and digitized today are classic KODAK film. And since we helped you capture the photos with our iconic film, it’s only natural to let us help you preserve them with KODAK Digitizing. During the digital transfer process, our professionals work carefully by hand to ensure that the quality is preserved as best as possible to give you vibrant, high-resolution digital images via DVD, thumb drive or digital download.

If you’ve got a box full of old neglected negatives, it’s time to turn them into positives by getting them digitized. We offer convenient, pre-paid roundtrip shipping. All you need to do is load up our custom, crush-proof box with any and all your negatives and send them in. We’ll do the rest, digitizing the lot and providing you with up-to-date information on the process along the way. When we’re done converting all your memories, we’ll send back all your old negative strips along with shiny new digital copies via DVD, thumb drive – even cloud downloads.

So while it’s important to save and digitize your developed photographs, it’s even more important to save and digitize your negatives. Mainly because your original negatives give you the ability to do more with your film. You can make actual copies of your original images with the added benefit of enlarging them and/or adjusting the brightness as you see fit. 

After all, negatives are super fragile. Everything from oil due to fingerprints to too much light exposure can expedite the degradation process. So give your film “backup” a backup plan by getting your negatives digitized today. Don’t wait! Turn a potential negative situation into a positive memory today with KODAK Digitizing.