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How Do I Stop My Pictures From Fading?

By Dillon Wallace

If you’re like the average person, you’ve got about 600 or more photos stored on your phone. But of course, not all those pictures make the final cut to be printed, framed, hung – enjoyed in the physical sense. 

Which begs the question that you may not think about but definitely should: How do you stop your pictures from fading?

Well, would you like the good news or the bad news?


Let’s start with the good news. A couple of things you can do to preserve your photos, you’re probably already doing.


Framing your photos

The biggest detriment to your photos, besides liquid damage is direct light – sunlight to be exact. Direct UV rays from the sun are one of the quickest ways to fade your beloved prints. At least when they’re framed, they’re behind a protective layer of glass that can help aid in their longevity. Plus, a good set of frames just makes them look nicer while protecting them from dings and scratches of everyday life.


Creating an album

Photo albums offer similar protection to that of framing your photos. Pictures tucked neatly into a book most definitely aren’t exposed to direct sunlight. And you can even go a step further by using acid-free archival paper in your albums so as to not mess with the chemical makeup of your prints.


In addition to framing and albuming (yes, we’re making that a verb), there are a couple other tips you can follow to get the most out of your photo’s lifespan.


Don’t stack

It’s easy to just store your photos stacked on top of each other. But this oversight, especially with freshly printed photos is dangerous as the ink still hasn’t had a chance to completely dry. Or, if you’ve got them stored in the attic, sweltering summer temperatures can heat up the space enough to cause the photos to stick together. You don’t want to remove ink from photos because of lazy stacking do you?


Steer clear of humidity

Humidity may be good for your skin, but that same science doesn’t translate to your photos. Photos stored in damp places, like your garage or attic (yeah, you’re running to go check on them right now aren’t you) is the fast lane to destruction. Mold, mildew and other harmful humidity happenings can be prevented if you store your photos in slightly cool, dark places.

While all of the options above can help you prolong the life of your photos, they’re not end-all-be-all solves. The fact is, your photos will decay no matter what you do to prevent their physical demise. Well, there is one fool-proof exception.

Digitizing your photos

Digitization services like KODAK Digitizing are a sure way to protect your most memorable moments. Simply send in your physical prints, polaroids, etc. and we’ll preserve them forever by converting them into digital copies via USB drives, DVDs – even the cloud. It’s simply the best way to store them, share them and treasure them without worrying about caring for them!

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