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Digitized Media: An Inside Look

By Katy Sommerfield

In 2019, we are living in a digital world. We interact with countless forms of digital media throughout our days while scrolling on our smartphones and working at our jobs. Digital photos, videos, and audio clips are shared by the billions every day. Many children and teenagers alive today are not old enough to remember a time when analog media was the only media that existed! Yet countless individuals and families still have plenty of print photographs, film, and tapes stored from decades past, waiting to be viewed and relived once again.  

In order for analog media to be transported into the digital age, it needs a bit of an upgrade. This is where Kodak Digitizing comes in.

At our warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we take analog media of many formats and transform them into new and improved digitized versions. Our customers send their pictures, tapes, and film to us, and we carefully create digital copies of each piece of media. It sounds like a simple enough process, right? Well, in reality, there is a lot that goes into digitization. At Kodak, we have specialized technicians who work hard to keep the quality of each customer’s analog media in tip-top shape while rendering an excellent digital version. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of Kodak’s processes and see what digitization is all about. 

Digitizing photos

Kodak can digitize print photos, slides, and negatives up to 8.5 x 11 inches. We scan all pictures at the best DPI possible depending on the format. Our digitizing specialists use various scanning methods for different photos based on which method will produce the best quality digital image. This means you can rest assured that your digital copies will look great!

Digitizing tapes

Here at Kodak, we use a capture and transfer process involving a straight transfer to digitize your videotapes. This means that the quality of any digital copies made from videotapes will be extremely close to the quality of the originals. Our professionals are trained to splice tapes if necessary to preserve video quality and continuity, and they can even provide some repairs to minor tape tracking problems. 

Digitizing film

Kodak uses a straight transfer method for digitizing film which digitizes frame-by-frame, ensuring the highest quality digitization possible. Your digitized copy of your film will replicate the exact quality of the original. The frame-by-frame method of digitization can even recover original footage from slightly damaged films as long as the film is still able to be processed through our system. 

Your Digital Copies

After digitization, Kodak will send you your originals along with their new digital copies, either in DVD, thumb-drive, or a digital download format. These digitized copies of your analog media will be exact replicas of the originals! If you choose the digital download option to receive your digital copies, you can easily edit your photos and videos using your favorite editing software. Once digitized, your most special memories can be easily shared via email or on social media, and you can relive those moments with your loved ones once again.

Here at Kodak Digitizing, we pride ourselves on our hard work and customer satisfaction. We have some of the greatest digitizing professionals working for us, and it shows in the products we offer to our customers. Now that we’ve covered the basics of our digitization processes, it’s time to order your very own Kodak Digitizing box! If you’ve got old tapes or photos stored around your house, bring them into the modern age. Get your digitizing box today!

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