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How to Safely Store Your Old Tapes

By Shelby Burr

Woo hoo! Your memories are digitized and saved forever. Isn’t that a great feeling? Now you can share your family videos with your friends, family and the world. How cool is that! 

These memories are special, dear to your heart and something you will cherish forever, as you should!
Before you had your wonderful memories digitized, you probably grew to love your VHS tapes. Those cute, bulky, black bricks took up the space in your home and in your heart. We understand! Those are the originals, the first source of your memories and one of the classics that first created the ability to save home movies. 


So, now that you digitized your tapes, what do you do with the originals? You know the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new?”...well, you don’t have to toss the old. Here are the key tips to save and preserve your old tapes so that they will be well preserved!

Weather proof storage bins

You might think “I’ll just place my tapes in a box, in the garage or basement!” Although that sounds nice, it can actually harm your tapes for multiple reasons. First, let’s start with the type of storage. You can purchase a plastic, weatherproof tub from your local store - just make sure it comes with a sealable lid! That way, moisture, dust and little critters will not get to your tapes. 


When storing your tapes, you want to make sure they are in an easy access and safe spot. Try to avoid dark and damp places like basements or garage floors. Additionally, cold weather isn’t so good for your tapes either. A great spot would be in an insulated attic, in a closet or under a bed! Your tapes will be nice, cozy and safe within their tubs! 


Have you ever came across sagging tape within your VHS? Ever wonder how that happens? Well, it’s because you didn’t rewind, silly! When you rewind your VHS tape, it helps keep the film nice and tight, so you can rewatch without any sagging or tearing issues. 


When you put your VHS tapes into your storage tubs, there is a specific way the VHS tapes need to be set! First, always place your VHS tape back into its sleeve when not being used. This will keep the film safe, as well as prevent any scratches. Second, place your tape upright. You can also lay the VHS tapes on top of one another in the tub, as long as they are facing in this direction (see image below). And lastly, keep your tub away from direct light / heat. We want to make sure the image and coloration of your film doesn’t fade under extreme temperatures!

Your memories matter! We’re so glad you were able to digitize your most prized possession, and we understand that throwing away those original tapes can be a little scary. If you follow these four steps, you’ll memories will be safe and sound!

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