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Hula Hoop Photo Decor

By Elaine Elliott

Hula hoop photo displays have become a DIY must-have for events, special occasions, and bedrooms. Making a hula hoop photo frame is the perfect excuse to compile together your favorite memories and remake new ones.

The décor is easy to create and very charming, so keep your camera nearby!

Need to digitize your old photos and polaroid for this DIY craft project? Don’t worry, you can make extra copies once you digitize your photos with KODAK Digitizing.


Hula Hoop Photo Frame for Weddings

The most popular hula hoop décor is for weddings, of course! The circular frame symbolizes everlasting love. You can hang these photo frames on the wall at the reception to walk your guests down memory lane. It’s also a great excuse to take more photos with the handmade wreaths. Not getting married anytime soon? That’s okay, you can use this idea for anniversaries, baby showers, and birthdays too.


To get started, paint the hula hoop gold to resemble a gold ring and glue wreaths of faux flowers and ivy along the edges to look like a bouquet. Compile the photos together with string or ribbon and thread them through the center of the hoop, attaching the string or ribbon to the sides. You can hide the knots with the wreath décor. The craft is quick and easy. You can even add it to the agenda of bridal shower or bachelorette party activities!


Hula Hoop Photo Booth for Parties

The hula hoop photo frame is great for reminiscing on past memories, but now it’s time to make new ones. Hula hoops are the perfect size to take a snap of two or three friends inside the circular frame. Plus, you’ll already have it cropped for Facebook! Whether it’s a birthday or holiday party, the options are endless with these handy dandy photo booths.


Paint the hula hoop with the color of your choice, or wrap ribbon around the frame. Then glue balloons, faux flower wreaths, holiday ribbons or mistletoe, or fairy lights along the border. Once complete, add a “photo booth” sign next to the hoop at your gathering to make sure guests come by to take pictures. If you take the photos with a film camera make sure to digitize the photos with us afterward!


Hula Hoop Crib Photo Mobile

String together photos of mommy, daddy, and the whole family with an adorable crib mobile. Depending on the nursery theme, you can also add puffy clouds, cutout felt animals, faux flowers, or intriguing origami.


Rather than putting the photos in between the hula hoop like the wedding photo frame, these pictures will hang from strings like a mobile. The hula hoop acts as the perfect frame to piece together a creative collection of colorful crafts and pictures. You won’t be able to resist a photo-op next to the crib while holding your little one. And when they get older, you can reuse the keepsakes in a baby album or memory box.


Hula Hoop Chandelier

Now that your baby is all grown up, it’s time to deck out their room with a cute DIY chandelier. Using a hula hoop, you can string together fairy lights or thick ribbons to drape down over a bedroom nook or bed centerpiece. If you want to get extra creative, add little cutout photos in between the lights, or add feathers to resemble a dream catcher.

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