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Top Tips for Organizing Home Movies

By Christian Roemer

When it comes to messy houses, let she who is without clutter throw the first stone.

You know what I’m saying?

If being disorganized was a sport, I’d probably be entering the 2021 draft. My bookshelves are haphazard arrangements of once-read tomes. Don’t look under my sink. My desk, incidentally, is pretty clean. My home movies, if I had any, would probably live in a soggy box in my crawlspace.


You clicked on this blog because you wanted some ideas on how to organize your home movies, and here I am telling you about all the ways that I’m not organized. Marie Kondo would despise me. Martha Stewart would have disowned me as a grandson. My mom never comes to visit.

So why would you listen to this self-described mess monster about how to organize your home movies? Easy. Because you should do as I say, not as I do. Also, my ideas are pretty good; I’m just lazy.

So how should you organize your home movies? Just follow my (patent pending) three step process to perfectly organize your analog relics.

Step 1: Send your home movies to Kodak to get digitized.

Boom, right off the bat, I’m giving you advice that you won’t find anywhere else (probably, the internet is a big place). The reason you should make this step 1 is because old media can be fragile, and their lifespans aren’t infinite. If you truly want to preserve your most cherished memories, letting KODAK Digitizing Box turn them into digital files is a crucial first step. Not to mention, what’s more organized than condensing boxes full of tapes, films, and pictures into a USB drive smaller than a roll of quarters? Spoiler alert: there’s nothing more organized than that.

Step 2: Buy a storage container.

I’ve already mentioned that analog media doesn’t have an infinite shelf life, but proper storage can help extend it. Ideally, you’ll have something that doesn’t allow too much dirt and crud inside. Which containers are totally up to you. Heck, you can even buy some of these for the 90s throwback vibe if you have a bunch of VHS tapes.

Step 3: Insert media into storage with some sort of logic.

Every tip up until now has been a no brainer. Step three is where you get to use that big old noggin of yours. You need to put your home movies into some sort of order that makes sense whenever you feel like dusting off the old sleeves and reliving your glory days. Here are some ideas for how you can order your old home movies:

  • Chronologically
  • By person
  • By activity
  • By year
  • By location
  • By emotion
  • By president
  • By theme
  • By pants you were wearing
  • + more!

The choice is yours! Keep all of your grandma videos together. All your middle school videos together. All of the videos that happened while Richard Nixon was president together -- it’s totally up to you! But you should definitely store them in some order that makes sense. Otherwise, finding that old video of your little brother snorting Sprite up his nose because he thought he was a genius and had invented a new form of drinking will be incredibly difficult. But if your movies are organized by person, you’ll have a really good bead on how to get to that video.

You get bonus points if you combine multiple sorting methods. For example, sort by person first, then sort chronologically. Brilliant!

See! I told you that I have some good ideas about how to get organized! Just because my life’s a mess, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to me! 

Either way, get started on organizing your home movies ASAP and reach out to Kodak to start with step 1 today!

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