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What If I Have More Items Than the Box I Ordered?

By Mollee Shannon

So you’ve received your KODAK Digitizing Box, and you’re ready to pack it and send your media to our digitizing facility.

Then, oh no! You found more analog media stored in the back of your closet.
Can you send more items than you initially purchased with your box? Our customer service team gets this question all the time, and we are happy to say the answer is YES! 


KODAK Digitizing has refined its process to be sure you never have to choose which memories you will see, and which will remain hidden away in that box in the back of your closet. Each KODAK Digitizing Box comes complete with barcode stickers printed with your unique order number and a Welcome Guide to walk you through the labeling and packing process. 


Your box will contain prepaid barcode labels, according to the size of the box you ordered. These labels will say, “Included item $0” in green print. You can place those labels on your media items, and they will be scanned as they move through our facility so you can easily track your order. 


If you want to add extra items, we’d love to digitize your newly found media for you! Simply use the barcode labels that say, “Add On Item $15” in red print. You can use these labels to send your additional items. Place the barcode on your item, and ship us your media collection. We’ll take it from there! 


When your shipment arrives at our facility, one of our highly trained technicians will scan your prepaid items and your add-ons into our system. The add-on media will generate an invoice, which will be sent to you via email, so be sure that if you included additional media, you check your email to look out for that invoice. Even your add-ons will be scanned through our facility with the rest of your order for easy order tracking and your peace of mind. 


It’s really as simple as 1-2-3! Place the add-on labels to your additional media, ship all your items to KODAK Digitizing Box, and check your email for the invoice! 


Remember that if you have any questions, our awesome customer service team is here to help! Happy packing and shipping. We look forward to receiving your media soon! 

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