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What is a KODAK Digitizing E-Deal?

By Katy Sommerfield

At KODAK Digitizing Box, we like to offer our customers lots of choices when it comes to how they purchase our products.

When gift-giving holidays come around, many customers will buy digitization kits for friends and relatives.
Another great gift option is our KODAK Digitizing Box E-Deal!


So what is a KODAK Digitizing E-Deal? 

A KODAK Digitizing E-Deal is an instantly emailed and ready to print voucher with a discount code for purchasing a KODAK Digitizing kit. Customers can order the E-Deal online and receive it via email within minutes, ready to be used on www.kodakdigitizing.com for ordering a KODAK Digitizing box. The E-Deal is one of our lesser-known offers and when we have an E-Deal sale, we receive lots of calls to customer service with questions on how E-Deals work and how to use them. So let’s dive into and learn more about the mysterious E-Deal!

How to Order and Use a KODAK Digitizing E-Deal

First, you’ll order an E-Deal on our website, www.kodakdigitizing.com. After checkout, you will receive an email from KODAK Digitizing with your E-Deal inside. This E-Deal will contain a unique discount code for you to use when purchasing your KODAK Digitizing box. The email will give you instructions on how to redeem your E-Deal.

Be aware that the discount code in the E-Deal might not work immediately. It sometimes takes a few minutes for the code to sync with our system. That being said, it should never take more than 10 minutes for an E-Deal discount code to start working on our website. 

Go to our website, www.kodakdigitizing.com, and choose the size KODAK Digitizing box you selected when ordering your E-Deal. The number of items in the KODAK box must match the number of items on the voucher. 

At checkout, apply the discount code from the E-Deal. This will cover the cost of the KODAK Digitizing box and the digital download. If you prefer a different output for your digital copies (i.e. thumb drive or DVD), you must select this option at checkout for an added fee. 

When purchasing an E-Deal, shipping isn’t included. You will have to pay for shipping cost when ordering your KODAK Digitizing box using the E-Deal.

And that’s all there is to it! Our E-Deals are a great gift option for nostalgic friends and family members, or you can even buy one and use it yourself! We typically have E-Deal sales around the holidays, so keep your eyes peeled for the big discounts.

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