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Does KODAK Send Back my Originals?

By Shelby Burr

Let’s debunk a myth! “Does KODAK send back my originals?”


Of course we do! 

We understand, sending in your precious memories is a big deal and requires a lot of thought! You want to make sure you are making the right choice for yourself, your family/friends and for these family heirlooms. Not to fear - KODAK is here! Let’s talk a little bit about what the process looks like, what to expect and what happens to your original memories.


Let’s Begin...

Once you receive your KODAK Digitizing Box, you’ll find an instruction and welcome pamphlet filled with your order number and barcodes, plus a return shipping label. Simply fill your KODAK Digitizing Box with your memories and carefully apply a barcode for each item. Why? This is your tracking! You’ll never have to wonder or worry about your precious items because each one will have a tracking link (the barcode). They will be scanned at each step of the digitizing journey and you will receive updates along the way!

Once your box is filled, you’ll ship your memories to us, KODAK Digitizing. Once we receive your order, we’ll first scan your box (this will be your first update!) along with your items. Our handy, dandy digitizing experts then carefully digitize each item onto your selected outputs: DVD, Thumb Drive and/or Digital Download. 

Once this is complete and all of your memories have been digitized, we will safely pack up your new digital items AND your originals back into your box. We will then ship everything (your originals and new digital copies) back safely to y-o-u. See! Nothing scary here. 


Your Digitized Items

Now that your memories have been digitized, what do you do? Um, SHARE THEM!!! It’s time to let the world see your beautiful memories! You can host a viewing party with your family/friends - they can all laugh and reminisce on how the old days used to be. You can start sharing on social media or even upload your items to youtube - so that it can be easily accessed by any extended friends or family at any point! The options are limitless - they are you memories, so do what you will! At least you relax, knowing that your precious memories are safe and accounted for. Safe, sound and easy!

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