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Over 37,000 Happy Customers ★★★★★

Over 37,000 Happy Customers ★★★★★

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How to Track Your Order

By Christian Roemer

We’re a service company. We mean that both literally and figuratively. The most important service that we provide is digitizing memories. We also provide amazing customer service while orders are in process.

We provide service on top of our service. We’re service2.
What does that extra service actually mean. It means we make it incredibly easy to track your order from start to finish. We think that good customer service is pretty simple: make you feel comfortable and confident that your memories are in safe hands while they’re outside of your home. Ultra-detailed and up-to-the-minute tracking is how we do it.


Our tracking is awesome. Seriously, I’ll prove it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to track your KODAK Digitizing Box Order:

  1. Here’s the link that you need in order to track your order. You can also just visit and click on the “My Orders” link on the upper-right side of the screen. 
  2. Enter your order number, email address, and click “TRACK IT!”

Boom! You’ve just tracked your order.

What makes our tracking process so special is that we truly go above and beyond to let you know exactly what’s going on with your pictures, videos, films, and audio at all times. We don’t just tell you things like, “We received your order,” and “Order in process.” We actually let you know exactly what’s going on with your media, where it is, and how your digitization is progressing.

When you order a digitization box from us, we send unique barcodes that attach to each type of media that you send us. So, if you send us a film reel, a pack of photos, and a VHS tape, for example, you’ll receive three separate barcodes. All of those codes are nestled under your order. Every time we put one of your memories in a machine, unpack it, or repack it, we scan the barcode and it’ll update under your order. That means if your VHS just made it out of our VHS digitizer, you’ll know about it. When we pack it into the shipping box, when your box is on the way back to your place, when we receive your box in the mail, you’ll know about all of it.


We know that we provide a really cool service, but it would be really lame if our service wasn’t amazing to go along with our amazing service, right? Remember the service2 thing?

Our piece-specific, up-to-the-minute tracking is what sets KODAK apart from our competitors, and it’s why you’ll love sending us your memories for digitization. Our tracking feature is accessible anytime--via computer, smartphone, or tablet--and offers really detailed information that provides you peace of mind.

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