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Transfer Your Memories Before THIS Happens

By Dillon Wallace

Remember when your parents told you, that if you made funny faces too often they’d stay that way forever. And just like that, fear coursed through our little, child-sized bodies and we stopped making them immediately. .

 That may have been a harmless little fib back then, but the scare tactic worked. 
So, here’s another scare tactic – only this one isn’t a harmless little lie: If you don’t transfer your analog memories, you’re in jeopardy of losing them … forever. 


Don’t buy it? Then think about this for a moment. The average VHS tape, cassette tape and exposed film reel will last about 25-30 years max, even if stored in pristine condition. Once they hit that quarter of a century mark, they might still play, but their quality will be greatly diminished – everything from clarity to color to audio. And let’s not forget about old pictures. The longer you wait to digitize that picture of grandma or great grandma, the more you risk in poor image quality. And let’s face it, a little patina on an old watch gives it character. On your photos … not so much.


All your old videotapes, film reels, pictures and audio cassettes have a shelf life and they’re approaching that finale stage of elderly life. The truth is, your analog memories were never meant to last forever. And just because you’ve got them stashed away “safely” in a box in storage doesn’t mean they’re safe … far from it. In addition to natural degradation from age, you seriously need to think about transferring your memories before THIS (THESE) happen:


  • Another one bites the dust (dust infiltrates them)

  • Mold spreads inside your tapes/on your film

  • Rodents/bugs run rampant and chew them up

  • Your basement floods/water (or humidity) damage occurs

  • They burn up in an accidental house fire

  • Natural wear and tear occurs

  • Your pets get them confused as chew toys

  • Extreme heat or cold damages them (like say, if they’re stored in an attic ...)


The fact is, your memories are vulnerable. But they don’t have to be. If you transfer your memories today through our state-of-the-art digitization process, you can reminisce on the joys of your past and not just miss your past because you didn’t digitize it.


So rather than let the dice roll and risk losing your memories to father time and the other culprits on the above list, control your memory destiny by getting them digitized. There’s no better time than now or company than KODAK Digitizing.

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