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Give the Gift of Memories this Holiday

By Mollee Shannon

Parents can be hard to shop for! What can you buy for people who probably snagged what they wanted on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? KODAK Digitizing Box has you covered, so you can give the gift of memories this holiday season! 


Under the Tree or On-Screen 

The great thing about choosing KODAK Digitizing Box for a holiday gift is the availability of different digitized formats. This gives you the option of wrapping gifts to place under the tree, or surprising Mom and Dad with a holiday slideshow when the gift exchange finishes. If you choose CDs, DVDs, or a thumb drive, you can wrap those items for a great surprise under the tree! If you choose a digital download, you can plan a big reveal for holiday dinner entertainment!  

The Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Mom and Dad probably don’t need another sweater, and besides, that sweater is only good while the cold weather lasts. Memories can be enjoyed time and again at any point throughout the year! Why not choose a gift that they can enjoy year round? Also, don’t forget with digitized formats, it’s easy to share photos and videos, so your siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins can share the fun too! Digitizing is really a gift of memories for the whole family! 

Always In Fashion

Remember those parachute pants you had to have? While you might remember them fondly, you’d probably never wear them now. Digitized memories never go out of fashion. They’ll be good for generations to come, and they’ll never get old, worn out, or become a fashion faux pas! While your parachute pants may be a thing of the past, the digitized photos and videos of you wearing parachute pants can live forever! 

Relive the Golden Days 

While we want to remember everything, our human brains can only remember so much! You never know what treasures you might find when you have old home movies digitized! Maybe you forgot about Mom’s 1970s feathered and fabulous haircut, or those high-waisted 80s stonewashed jeans. While the haircut and jeans might be better left in the past, your memories shouldn’t be! Digitizing your memories is a great way to relive the golden days and have a great laugh in the process! 

Organization is Key 

As you prepare for the holiday season, you’re probably planning to host guests, and you know you’ll be bringing home gifts from your loved ones. Sending in your old media to be digitized is a great way to get organized! You can go through old photos, tapes, and film reels, send them in, and receive them back in a box that can be easily stowed in your closet or cabinets. You’ll have plenty of space for extra people in the house and new items gifted to you by your loved ones! 

Holiday Peace and Peace of Mind 

Shouldn’t the peace of the holiday season also bring you some peace of mind? As you make new holiday memories, you don’t want the old ones to fade. Old photos can do just that, become faded, and tapes and film can become brittle over time. Digitizing is the best way to be sure your memories are preserved for years to come, and you’ll know for certain that you can relive your family’s best moments again and again!

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