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Is there a Market for Film Cameras?

By Elaine Elliott

If you scour Instagram or other social media platforms, you’ll begin to notice film cameras are being used everywhere.

Nature photography, model shoots, and vacation moments are all being revamped with the analog aesthetic.

Surprisingly enough, a lot of these photographers and filmmakers weren’t even alive when film was first popular!


Influencers and photographers are upping the ante with the ever-growing hashtags #35mm, #filmisnotdead, #filmphotography, #thefilmrenaissance, #buyfilmnotpixels, and #moderndayanalogue. Not only are they using catchy phrases like Modern Day Analog, Stay Broke Shoot Film, Best of the Roll, and Grain is Good; these social media users are also practicing what they preach by buying more film cameras than ever before.


In 2019, Kodak sold twice the amount of film as they did in 2014. Harman Technology, a film manufacturer, has seen 5% more growth annually since about 2014. In 2016, Fujifilm sold more than 3.9 million instant film cameras compared to 2014 sales.


If popular hashtags and company statistics aren’t convincing enough, just look around Etsy and eBay for more proof. Used film cameras are selling anywhere from $30 to over $300 depending on the quality and model. If you search “film cameras” on Etsy, you’ll see hundreds of vintage analogs quickly selling with terms like “Only 1 available and it’s in 5 people’s carts” warning buyers in bright red to make a purchase quickly.


Do you have an old film camera stowed away at home? Now you’re probably itching to know how much it’s worth. On average, most cameras are around $100 such as the Olympus PEN-EE 35mm or Canon WP-1. But some prized film cameras can sell in the thousands. For example, the Leica M6 is usually sold for around $2,500 on eBay and the Rolleiflex 2.8 FX TLR is listed for well over $4,000.


The resurgence in film cameras is an opportunity for analog enthusiasts to start shooting again, or for photographers to sell their film cameras online. In the mid-2000s most photographers steered clear of analog. But now, film cameras are selling quickly online and for more than they would have been worth 10 years ago.


Looking to hone your film camera skills? The vintage Canon AE-1 and Olympus OM-1 are great cameras to start off with without breaking the bank. Both can be found online for typically less than $300. Or you can always play around with Kodak disposable cameras to add some carefree fun to wedding photos, holiday parties, and road trips.


If the Modern Day Analog era has you hooked, remember to digitize your photos and film with KODAK Digitizing Box to share all your memories online or in DIY craft projects. And don’t forget to include a catchy hashtag to your next social media post. The film camera community will be proud.
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