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Convert your old slides to DVD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with KODAK Digitizing Box.
Convert your old slides to DVD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with KODAK Digitizing Box.
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Three Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Family’s Memories

Preserve your Memories for Generations to Come

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

We send you a crush-proof, prepaid box. Fill it with your barcoded media, send it back, and relax knowing we've got it from here.
Professionally Digitized

Professionally Digitized

Our technicians convert your media by hand in our state-of-the-art facility. Receive real-time updates emailed to you every step of the way.
Relive your Memories

Relive your Memories

Your originals are returned in perfect condition alongside your perfectly digitized copies, ready to relive.
Trust KODAK Digitizing Box

Trust KODAK Digitizing Box

Trust is in our DNA. Since 1888.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

Informed at Every Step of our Process

Informed at Every Step of our Process

Exclusive tracking technology emails up to 12 updates from start to finish.

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Scan 35mm Slides to DVD or CD

Convert your slides to digital


From weddings and funerals to graduations and births, family slideshows have been a long standing tradition when the time is right. But they weren’t always as easy as clicking the “Play Slideshow” button on a PowerPoint presentation.

Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, 35mm slideshows involved a bit more of a buildup, loading up the carousel with slides before cycling through them. The end result was quality family time and a merry-go-round of treasured memories. It was that emotional pull that made it such an iconic piece of film history. Don’t believe us, then just try to watch this without feeling a lump in your throat

Fast forward a few decades and those memorable still images are now merely hidden promises held on 2x2 inch cardboard or plastic frames – unless you’ve got a projector laying around to bring them to life … not so likely.

But on top of that, your memories are simply fading. The longer you keep those slides tucked away in a shoebox in your attic, the more risk you have at losing the memories that they hold. But there is an answer to view and preserve them, and it doesn’t involve finding an old finicky projector.

Introducing digitization for your 35mm slides. Our qualified image experts can safely and accurately scan your slides, using cropping and high resolution techniques, ultimately converting (but more importantly preserving) them to CD, DVD, thumb drive or the cloud. With social media being the vehicle to share memories, it only makes sense to convert your throwback slides to a more reliable and shareable digital format.

After all, the 35mm Carousel projector was our creation, and as a company dedicated to image excellence and capturing memorable moments, we feel it’s our duty to ensure that your slides live on – the way they were intended. Our slide scanning and transfer service is fast, easy and transparent because we’ll send you updates throughout the entire conversion process. All you need to do to get started is fill up our pre-paid roundtrip box with your collection of old 35mm slides and send it back. Once our scanning process is completed, we’ll give you back the originals and your new digital copies to share and enjoy with your family.

You might lose out on performing hand shadow puppets in the projector light with your new digital copies, but we’re pretty sure that’s better than losing out on all your memories.