VHS-C to DVD or Digital Service

Convert your old VHS-C tapes to DVD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with KODAK Digitizing Box.
Convert your old VHS-C tapes to DVD, Thumb Drive or Digital Download with KODAK Digitizing Box.
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Three Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Family’s Memories

Preserve your Memories for Generations to Come

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

Fill your KODAK Digitizing Box

We send you a crush-proof, prepaid box. Fill it with your barcoded media, send it back, and relax knowing we've got it from here.
Professionally Digitized

Professionally Digitized

Our technicians convert your media by hand in our state-of-the-art facility. Receive real-time updates emailed to you every step of the way.
Relive your Memories

Relive your Memories

Your originals are returned in perfect condition alongside your perfectly digitized copies, ready to relive.
Trust KODAK Digitizing Box

Trust KODAK Digitizing Box

Trust is in our DNA. Since 1888.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

Informed at Every Step of our Process

Informed at Every Step of our Process

Exclusive tracking technology emails up to 12 updates from start to finish.

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VHS-C Digital Transfer

Meet VHS’ little brother


While VHS was sitting atop the home theater throne as king, people across America were busy recording everything from family vacations, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, little league games and more onto VHS camcorders. Shooting these personalized home movies made for great watch parties and keepsakes. But as the technology behind the VHS tape and recording continued to grow, innovative companies like Kodak, began creating smaller and more affordable tape formats – like the VHS-C.

This one-inch thick, four-inch wide and two-inch tall tape was a sleek and trimmed down sibling to the VHS tape. However, these new formats, while compact and mobile, lacked certain convenience factors that VHS tapes had. For example, the VHS-C format needed an adaptor to play on VCR or copy to VHS (basically a VHS deck with a VHS-C tape slot), which if you don’t have boxed up with your old video tapes makes watching your old VHS-C collection impossible.

Nearly impossible … unless you use our digital transfer service to preserve those tiny VHS memories onto a future-proof digital format, such as a DVD, thumb drive or the cloud. After all, locating the necessary adapter to play your VHS-C is incredibly hard to find. But that’s only the start of your problems. The bigger issue – the real reason you need to digitize – is because the lifespan of your VHS-C tape is waning. In fact, it’s been happening for a while now. Fifteen years after it was made, your VHS-C tape’s magnetic tape started deteriorating – colors are fading, edges of film are blurring, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s all gone.

Being one of the original manufactures of the VHS-C tape. We know all the ins and outs of its technology, which is why we’re warning you that its lifespan isn’t infinite. But it can be with our VHS-C transferring service. 

Our VHS-C converter service offers digital delivery through the cloud, thumb drive or DVD with the promise to put the “ever after” after happily, when it comes to saving and reliving all those family memories. We’ll replicate all those little league games, family picnics and dance recitals just as they were into a future-proof and easily sharable digital format. 

With tons of VHS-C tapes and other media digitized in our studios every day by our professional conversion technicians, you can rest assured knowing that your memories are safe from deterioration. We’ll send you a crush-proof, roundtrip pre-paid box for you to dump your tiny VHS-Cs into and ship topped off with regular updates throughout the process. And when we’re finished converting your memories to digital, we’ll ship your originals back along with your new digital copies, again using prepaid postage.

The only thing not included in our all-in-one VHS-C digitization process is the popcorn!