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"Kodak did a fantastic job at bringing to life my grandparents super8mm home videos. I really appreciate the quick service and quality!"
Jackie Jackie
"To Kodak - THANK YOU. I cannot even fully tell you just how much these videos mean to me. Keep up the wonderful work you do."
Gil Gil
"What a great service. Easy, quick. They digitized 30 of our old Hi-8, Digital Camcorder videos. Even one with a broken cassette housing."
Luis Luis
"They did a great job. I liked the results so much that I have another order in process right now."
David David
"I sent in 8mm movies and videos with hours of content. They came back as sharp and clear as the originals."
Theodore Theodore
"Tears of joy watching my DVD. You will NEVER REGRET this purchase. I plan on sending in another order soon."
Jackie Jackie
"My dad's face was worth every penny when I gave him the thumb drive with his Vietnam days on it. Thank you, Kodak."
Susan Susan
"These guys are professional, prompt, thorough. They communicate well so you know what is going on all the time. I have another batch of media I plan to send."
Earl Earl
"Old family movies from the 60s were digitized. These have brought great joy to all that have seen them. Recommend this to anyone."
Bob Bob
"We are delighted by the quality of the movies captured to DVDs and plan on converting additional movies in the near future."
Geri Geri
"The transfers were as good or better than the originals, and the cost was very reasonable. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed."
Dagby Dagby
"Kodak kept me up to date on the status and I received everything back before the estimated time. Great job, and I have already sent more film and some other items for digitizing."
Andrew Andrew
"Kodak reached out to me to report the quality of some of our old 8 mm movies wasn't good. Upon review of digitized films I thought all of them were excellent. I highly recommend them."
Thor Thor